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Some things we hear, and we recognize immediately

I look forward to the caring nurturing of the truthful ones, That build a heart on

      The Lord created and led the first man and the human race.

Biden is a dunce. Not just because of on-setting dementia; he only thinks from the

The more we love the Word (and ponder it in our heart) the more our

From Revelation we learn that reasonings from the Dragon are reasonings from Falsities, and these

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In the study of quantum mechanics scientist have discovered that light/wave particles, or virtual particles, are produced in a vacuum. "A number of other recent works demonstrate that the vacuum

Possession by evil spirits, as it existed before and during the time of Jesus, is no longer allowed. It remained on earth for a time after Jesus’ death while the

As a Christian that loves Jesus I seek to allow God to influence my life so I can exercise a positive influence on my environment, and on those around. Having

  When we look into the spiritual/historical purpose of John the Baptist a deep sense of God’s wisdom emerges. When pressed by the priests John identifies himself as the fulfillment of

  This is a time that dredges up deep and dark feelings, and also a time of great joy. Swedenborg, from 'True Christian Religion': "At the time of the Lord's first coming the

It is amazing to observe what happens when I feel loneliness. I go out enough and do things, but I also stay in, and at least try to do my