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Below is a great article about how Trump's policies are slowly transforming the world. https://www.dailysignal.com/2020/02/07/trumps-unorthodox-policy-wins-are-gaining-steady-support/?fbclid=IwAR0i4OwWQr4iY3dAq02QvmZYd0lhiPLtZPOrEF2JHFyq84DFuWl0D91Qrpo I have

Getting one's own sovereignty right internally helps transform things within us and thus in our

Very inspiring watching Trump's wonderful acquittal speech. He went off script and called it a

The picture is now clear to the people of America; the landscape has been exposed

I learned to play 'Old Man River'. One of the care givers at a facility

The democrat method: Fabricate charges against opponents with lies and half truths. Bring actual legal

I saw the movie '1917'. Loved it. It uses a continues camera shooting technique. There

"I say to you there will be more Joy in heaven over one sinner who

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In the study of quantum mechanics scientist have discovered that light/wave particles, or virtual particles, are produced in a vacuum. "A number of other recent works demonstrate that the vacuum

(In the statement below by Swedenborg the word 'remains' refers to innocence stored in the soul from childhood that allows a person to receive God). Those who persuade themselves in regard

The correspondence in the star that the kings followed is a good example of how holiness is the marriage of the natural and the spiritual. With God being born on

I will give children to be their princes, And babes shall rule over them. The people will be oppressed, Every one by another and every one by his neighbor; The child will be

It is against sound spiritual principle to seek out (as an end-in-themselves) psychic abilities or to patronize dead spirits, gods, and so on. The spirits appealed to may be on

  The form of the creator is repeated in all of his creation. In the spiritual world there is one spiritual sun, which the Lord is in the midst. Now, the