The whole ark of Swedenborg’s life moved from the scientific to the spiritual as the source of truth. He was an extraordinary genius as a scientist till the age of 55 but came to see that he could not fully know truth without incorporating the spiritual. At that time he went through an incredible, internal transformation process under the guidance of the Lord that allowed him to receive the wisdom of the angels in heaven while living on earth.

He was at the forefront of science of his day and made discoveries way ahead of his time, but he did not have the knowledge of physics that we now have. Science has done an amazing job in discovering empirical truths of the universe, of mapping out vast areas of the universe, and in theorizing about the nature of the universe. As great as science is, it cannot find the answer to many problems unless it incorporates the spiritual, which it doesn’t really do. Scientists admit they know very little about the actual nature of things like dark energy, space-time, and what happens inside black holes, but they can see the effects of these. Science has to be science; it is a vital and necessary process and discipline, but it doesn’t mean science can’t integrate with the spiritual. After all, science is essentially the pursuit of truth, and spirituality is also the pursuit of truth, although perhaps in a more experiential way. In the pursuit of truth the lesson of Swedenborg is unique and profound, and it seems to me it is becoming a necessary way of looking at the universe.

The great thing is, at this time, we are now in a position to incorporate the advanced findings of science together with the findings of Swedenborg. That is what I am attempting to do here.

All science (and Swedenborg) teaches that everything in nature seeks, and equals-out into equilibrium; this is why every equation in math and science always look to result in an equilibrium. According to quantum mechanics everything that exists, including everything that falls into a black whole carries an information signature, or a wave form. A wave form is like energy, in that it can change but its quantity is never lost. Since nothing escapes a black hole this wave from should remain in the black hole. But Scientist theorize that black holes should be slowly evaporating because they are putting out thermal radiation. Thermal energy radiates from the black hole and should cause a gradual loss of mass, and theoretically over millions of years should disappear. But this means that the information signature would be lost and that is a violation of  physics. This is known as the information paradox. (

An even greater problem are singularities. According to Einsteins physics a singularity occurs in the core of a black hole, but singularities are an impossibility; according to scientists they are the ultimate ‘curse word’. Essentially a singularity means there is infinite density occupying an infinitly small space, which is an impossibility. Scientist know that when their math comes up with a singularity something is very wrong. Wikipedia describes singularities in a black hole and in the big bang in this way:

“Gravitational singularities are mainly considered within general relativity, where density apparently becomes infinite at the center of a black hole, and within astrophysics and cosmology as the earliest state of the universe during the Big Bang. Physicists are undecided whether the prediction of singularities means that they actually exist (or existed at the start of the Big Bang), or that current knowledge is insufficient to describe what happens at such extreme densities. The initial state of the universe, at the beginning of the Big Bang, is also predicted by modern theories to have been a singularity. In this case the universe did not collapse into a black hole, because currently-known calculations and density limits for gravitational collapse are usually based upon objects of relatively constant size, such as stars, and do not necessarily apply in the same way to rapidly expanding space such as the Big Bang. Neither general relativity nor quantum mechanics can currently describe the earliest moments of the Big Bang, but in general, quantum mechanics does not permit particles to inhabit a space smaller than their wavelengths.”

Science is unsure of how this all works and needs more information to understand the process. The Stanford encyclopedia of Philosophy writes: “Although they are regions of space time, black holes are also thermodynamical entities, with a temperature and an entropy; however, it is far from clear what statistical physics underlies these thermodynamical facts. The evolution of black holes is also apparently in conflict with standard quantum evolution, for such evolution rules out the sort of increase in entropy that seems to be required when black holes are present. This has led to a debate over what fundamental physical principles are likely to be preserved in, or violated by, a full quantum theory of gravity.” Fraser Cain, from, writes: “In situations like this we’re reminded how little about the universe we really understand. Some aspect of our understanding of this whole process is unclear, and it’ll take much more detective work and experimentation to get closer to the truth.”

As I have said in my other articles I believe the basic explanation for the information paradox  and the singularity in black holes is that there is a transfer of information, energy, and matter between the natural and spiritual world. There are many points of transfer but Black holes are a huge one. The biggest direct intake of material and of removal in the body is eating and excreting. In the case of black holes in the grand man I think these correspond to the digestion and excreting process. The singularity at the core of the black hole is the point where transfer takes place into the spiritual world. This would account for the loss of information, because energy, or wave form, of the object passes into the spiritual world. In the last article we described how the pores of the skin, in the Grand Man, are portals to the spiritual world. In this case the part of the body that is a ‘portal’ (though much larger) is the end point of the digestive process – the anus. (There are other places that science identifies a singularity and each place is a great place to look for how it corresponds to body functions, but I will explore these in another article). Scientist describe singularities as points where quantum mechanics and relativity cannot be reconciled, and I believe the reason they do is because their is the unaccounted factor of energy being transferred to the spiritual world.

I think it is important to realize these points often seem to involve an intense refining process, of extracting and excreting, which is true of the digestive system and black holes. Pores also involve excreting, as it does with sweat and oils and vapors; pores also absorb fluids and oils (and finer ethers and mentioned before). The digestive process is a longer and more gradual breaking down, refining and extracting process than are pores. As mentioned before the spiritual process that corresponds to digestion and pores is called vastation. To enter heaven, or hell, almost everyone must go through vastation (spiritual cleansing) in the world of spirits. We do not know exactly what happens in a black hole but in general things in it are crushed down in immense gravity to a denser and finer fundamental state, which sounds like a similar process. I think that the excreting part of the digestion corresponds to hell, and the absorption of nutrients part corresponds to entering to heaven, both involve the transfer from the physical to the spiritual.

Let us take a moment to visualize, and to understand the positional dynamics of the big picture (I have described this many times before, but it is essential to keep in mind). The whole shape, structure and nature of the universe is that of the human form. It is so because the whole form of heaven is that of the Grand Man, which is the body of Jesus, the God of the universe. The Grand man is truly alive in both the natural universe and especially the spiritual universe, for God is the source of life. In imagining this it is helpful to keep in mind that the ‘position’ of objects are not necessarily linear, though in some ways it is. For instance, good and evil exist everywhere in this world; that is they ‘occupy’ the same ‘space’ in this world. This is because the spiritual universe has no time or space; the natural world does have time and space, and so the only way it can correspond to the infinity of the Grand man is by an infinity, or innumerable numbers; just as there is one spiritual sun but an infinite number of natural sons, so it similar with all the parts of the body of the grand man. For instance, suns are spread all around the universe but functionally they correspond to the Lord are the source of life in both a spiritual and natural way. I think that energy from the spiritual world come into the natural world in a sun. Also black holes and spread all around the universe and these probably correspond to the digestion and anus and are a point where the material enters the spiritual world. In the universe there are innumerable other functions of the body that correspond to points of transfer for different needs and purposes.

The biggest question in science right now is, what is the nature and cause of dark energy? Right now science cannot answer either of these, but it can see the effects of dark energy. We can only really understand something when we know its cause, effect, source and end purpose. From what I have shown in these essays I purpose the source of dark energy is from the influx or transfer of spiritual substance from the spiritual world into the natural world. The transfer of energy and substance from the spiritual to natural worlds happens at seminal points in the universe that correspond to the points on the body where substance of all kinds enter or exit the body, such as the mouth, anus, pores, the eyes, ears, in the human form (But I think it can also takes place at every point in the universe, which I will discuss later). This influx from the spiritual world is the cause of the natural universe eternally expanding at an accelerated rate. The essential reason science believes there is dark energy is because of the discovery that the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate; they don’t know why but they know something is causing it. It is essential to perceive now an important correspondence which is this: the universe expanding at an accelerated rate corresponds to the nature of heaven – for the nature of heaven is ever increasing joy; overall, the joy of angels is never stagnant, because for joy to be true joy it by nature must be ever-increasing! The paradox of heaven is that the further within one goes the more ‘room’ there is; by room we mean the more expanded and fulfilled ones state of being (love) becomes, and at the same time the more and the greater the wonders one sees and is with in their surroundings! The expansion of space from every point in the universe (which science has established as fact) is how the natural universe corresponds to the ever increasing joy that is the very atmosphere of heaven and the sovereignty within every individual in heaven. The source of all the joy, love and wisdom is the one spiritual sun in heaven, so this is why the suns in the spiritual world must be the primary point that matter enters the natural world from he spiritual. The spiritual world is the first cause of the natural world so it is a universal and immutable law that they always correspond.
What we have not learned about here yet is what is the ‘nature’ of dark energy? How can we use correspondences to understand this further? It seems to me to gain insight to this we have to look at what happens in quantum physics, and the way in which wave forms have the quality of energy and matter. We can use what we know about the details of the human, and principles of the spiritual world to get ideas.

We must continue to explore how spiritual light enters into the universe at various seminal points. By the law of correspondence there should be a point of entrance every where that the human body receives anything in all forms from the outside, such as the mouth, the pores, sunlight, noise, sight, etc. Scientist have proposed that there is a new theory of ‘white holes’. They believe this is a source of the cause of dark energy and is the very opposite of black holes. Scientist think that white-holes also contain a singularity, which for us means it is a point of entrance from the spiritual world. We will also examine the spiritual that affections are a bridge between the spiritual and natural worlds


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