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Chaplain’s Poem for One of His People

Chaplain’s poem for Gregory
My friend passed away, oh Mr. Gregory,
his lot fell to a place he didn’t want to be.
But he called me brother and I belonged
I called hIm brother and he belonged.
People told me his faults, I saw the good.
People saw my faults but he knew the best of me
He healed me and I healed him
I listened for him and he listened for me
We rejoiced together in the Lord we love
We revelled in prayer and song, our voice and minds sharing hope and praise
We laughed at the world that hindered us, that tried to stop our days
I could almost see his new place on the horizon, but, only he and the Lord are privy now. I bow to him and Him.
I went to see my friend today, but he had passed away
Latest comments
  • Hi Steve, I hope you’re doing well. The poems you write seem very interesting to me, because they are related to the existence the of human, but with an message of the real love of God, It is the reason why I find your poems interesting. Carmina Siguenza.

  • I’m in tears brother. As a caregiver myself…I totally relate. God bless you.