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How Can it Be Explained that the Lord is the Living Word?

The Lord is the living Word made Flesh. This is a phrase Christians often use and I believe it is fabulously true; how is it true, and how can we explain such an extraordinary thing?
     In the Old Testament the great prophets such as Moses and Elijah prophesied from Revelation of the one who would come who would perform great deeds and save humanity. These phrophecies are part of the Word from the Old testament, meaning they are divine truth from heaven written by men on earth for the sake of conjoining heaven to earth. When Jesus was born on earth He gradually, step by step, fulfilled each of these prophecies during the course of his life, especially during his 3 year ministry
     When Jesus declares in the synagogue the words, ‘This day the scriptures are fulfilled’, it is an extraordinary moment in which history has come to fruition. It is the culmination of centuries of prophecy and preparation; it is the convergence of the divine truth in the Word with the divine good embodied in the human, Jesus. It is the boldest, the most unthinkable thing anyone could say, unless it were true – then it is a statement of unimaginable power, goodness, love, kindness, wisdomm, and transformation. The one as He is fulfilling the prophecy, speaks in full awareness that He is fullfilling prophecy.
There is a common saying that holds a great truth that makes this very understandable  – ‘A man (or women) becomes what they do’. What we believe and will leads to what we do. The essence of our humanness is in our will and understanding, and what we actually will to do forms our soul. When we are stripped away of all the externals, as we will be when we die, we are left with what we really love and believe; this is what composes our internal soul.
     It is the same thing with the Lord. He became what He did. By coming here he separated himself into an external and internal, (which is the situation of all humans who are born), His internal being His divine soul, and his external Jesus. The Mission of His life was to Merge these into one divine in the ressuerrection, which is called the glorification process. In human regeneration we seek to bring our external self and internal into harmony, which leads to wholeness of self. We are finite, and the Lord is infinite. There are many places in the Bible where it says that Jesus performed a deed ‘for the sake of the fulfillment of prophecy’ as he did in the synogogue that great day. There about 20 to 30 fullifillments in each Gospel. In his last temptation on the cross when Jesus speaks, “It is finished”, he accomplished fulfilling all prophecy. By progressively fulfilling all prophecy in the Word to the end, He made his external body and internal divine one, so there was no more separation. Therefore his physical body became divine, because that which merges with the divine is divine. When you break metal in two and then weld it back together, the weld becomes the strongest part. He became what He did, and what He did in his life is fulfill divine truth from His own might and passion, and thus He became divine truth. 
How is it possible that centuries and centuries ago it could be known that these things would happen, one after another in sequence; that each of these occurances were a necessary step for the redeeming of humnaity, and how could it be that the deteriating effects of natural time had no effect on taking these things off course. Also all of these things occurred within the organic process of the natural world and human interaction. Only the infinite wisdom of the divine could foresee and do this. Divine Love and wisdom is innate within all things and so inevitably effects them to his will. He is outside time and space and present to all time and space. All lines (of meaning) lead to the Lord and to his ressurection for this was the greatest act of love ever acted in the material world, and that ever will be. One can say this because the state of evil, and thus the dire threat to the existance of humanity was greater at that time than it ever had been or ever will be. The divine of the Lord within one man overcame it all.
Here is the cosmic story of the Word in short. The Lord is in the midst of the spiritual sun in the spiritual world. He is life itself and from him proceeds life to all things. Divine love and wisdom are life from him that creates and sustains all life; – just as heat and light together sustain life in the natural world for all the matter, plants, animals and humans on the earths in the universe. When man distanced himself from God in the fall it became necessary that there be a means of conjunction between heaven and earth. So the lord created the Word by means of the Jewish people and their prophets. The Word is divine truth itself that has been accommodated down to humans by discreet degrees. In the Word there are four levels or senses; the Celestial, the spiritual, the natural, and the material. The celestial sense is the most internal and is all about the Life and development of Christ from the time He was a baby. The spiritual is about all the truths of life and the true principles of life. The natural is consistant with the natural porcesses of nature and human community. And the material is the published Bible on earth.
From this we can see that there is an internal sense to the Word, and that its innermost is from and about the Life of Christ. From all this we can begin to see how Jesus is the living Word. This is the end of part one.
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