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How Involvement in Evil Causes Irrational Thinking; And How Love for the Good of Others Inspires Spiritual Intelligence

When we have love of God in our heart it inspires us to think in a very rational and intelligent way. This may sound like an obvious thing to say, but its important, because in valuing God and spirituality we are motivated to closely observe our own pattern of thinking so we can the better identify when we drift into evil. Only those with a certain elevation of perception can see whats below. Evil assaults us by temptations and in so doing always tries to confuse and make us feel of no value. We can tell when this is happening by anxieties, the more severe they are the more the anxieties are disturbing. Anxiety is like white light, but within it are many colors that take skill and care to discern. Evil wants to destroy our sense of value and worth for ourself and others so that we will the more easily accept it, lose heart, lose faith, and thus lose our protection from it. It is the Lord that protects us from evil. The more intense the heat of our love to be right with God and our fellow man, the deeper our thought is able to penetrate principles of truth. The Opposite is also true; the more we are avoidant and absorbed in the world the less we will ever know. There is no such thing as being neutral to God, such an attitude is repulsive to him (lukewarm vomit). Thus avoidance cannot help but to eventually become bitterness and ill-will (the rotting of the heart), and we enter into the danger of willing evil (which is internal evil). The Secret desire of ill-will or hate toward God, and the desire to do harm to our fellow man, causes the mind to think and act in an irrational way. An ill motivated person may have a high IQ and be clever, but this is NOT intelligence. Intelligence is only that which leads toward good results – it is irrational to use our mind to accomplish harm to others for the sake of evil. What is irrational is not intelligent. Indeed, the reason for this is that when one is fighting against the good for others, or fighting against the good of their country, they are fighting against the divine order of God. All rationality and intelligence follow principles that are rooted in God’s will – God is never less than love and good in infinite variety. It is a learning process to come to know these moral, civil, and spiritual principles, so everyone in their mind is in process with this, but to willfully fight against divine order eventually causes the mind to lose its rational faculty and become psychotic or insane. 

The interior constituents in a person cannot contain evil and good at the same time, but the external parts of our mind and soul can. This is a difficult principle to absorb, but it is essential to understand to be able to see how all this works. What we are contemplating in mind is in process, or in formation, but once it enters our will, in that we fully intend to do it, believe it and love it – then it enters our internal self, or soul. This is the distinction between the external and internal that has huge consequences. Everyone has a ruling love in their heart, and it can be on the good or evil side.  The hateful motivations in a person are always going to favor false ideas and harmful points of view, because they seek evil results. The Good motivations are always going to favor what brings about good results and cooperation in our self, family and country. While on earth we can change what is in our interior by a deep desire to change, by repentance. This often requires an intense life experience, such as grieving and suffering. Change, or the transformation of our soul, is usually forged in fire so to speak. 

By a person’s interior constituents we mean the inner core of one’s thought. The quality of this is clearly felt and seen in the spiritual world and its light. In the natural world it is more obscure but can also be discerned by a person’s body language and the result of their actions. It is of utmost importance to strive in the world to observe this in our self. We need to strive to live in such a way that our internal thought is in harmony with our external expression. The quality of union between our internal and external self is what in the end determines our salvation; The genuineness of this union forms a constellation at our time of death, and this constellation does not change after death. If it is receptive to heaven then we are prepared for heaven and our heaven life is built from the quality of this constellation in our soul, and we grow from this seed for eternity. If it is not heavenly, but has been avoidant, than that person is prepared for hell. Bringing about this union requires skill, love, and self examination; and it results in joy and fulfillment, though pain and grief are often the teachers along the way. 

“Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. . . . Whoever is not with Me is against Me, and whoever does not gather with Me scatters abroad”. (Matthew 12:25, 30)

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