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How it is that Trump is Playing 3D Chess and his Opponents are Not

Trump could stop Mueller investigation; he could also force the issue on having files released, (and take care of similar problems from the left) with executive actions, but he does not. Why? Because he understands there is value in letting those who use nefarious methods expose themselves. The very hardest thing to do is to actually change the mind of those with entrenched political beliefs. One can talk perfect reason, and love and wisdom for one’s country, and that should be enough – but we know it is not in our current atmosphere. But when ‘one of your own’ exposes their ill-will and ill-motivations it is much more shocking and convincing to their own. The base responds with joy to the great news in the economy, to things like moving the Israel’s embassy to Jerusalem, but for those on the left to be persuaded to a different view, (or to even just accept some of the good news) is a grinding down process, because their dislike of trump is so emotional.
It might seem this is a risky strategy but it really doesn’t seem to be so, because at this point their nefarious methods don’t have a prayer. The people are onto their methods, and their constant push to find a way to impeach Trump has no chance. The nefarious ones think they can control people’s perception through the media and fake news and cheating, but they just end up exposing them self. But another reason it is not very risky is that the ill-motivated hate Trump, and can’t believe an outsider like him could win; so they put self and their ideology before country and justice, which is something only the external minded do, and such as these have no self-perception as evidenced by likes of Hillary, Comey, Macabe and Obama. They just keep digging deeper into the same narrative, and it is this same quality of lack of self-perception that keeps them from seeing how Trump is playing them. Politics is a cut throat game. But in truth they are doing it to them self. Trump is the rare politician that is a good man and a super savvy competitor. In addition, letting the left have plenty of rope to expose them self makes the people not get complacent, but to be continually passionate in helping make America great.
Having said all this it still may be a small percentage that might change, say around 15%, but that is plenty to help the republicans keep the house and senate. Its not really about getting people to change from Democrat to Republican but to simply exercise the commons sense of accepting the good that is happening in the country and reject illegal and dishonest methods – and to support the president. You can see signs it is beginning to work, talk-show hosts and SNL admitting the Trump bashing has to stop; the investigation into Trump causing charges against high level politicians, and the average person more accepting of things like ISIS being defeated and peace coming to Korea
This is a major way in which Trump is playing #3DChess while his opponents are not.
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