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James Carville made an awful, but incredibly honest statement that needs to Go Virile – Leave your reaction in a comment

James Carville made an incredible statement that needs to be paid attention to. If anything deserves to go virile – this is it. It is not something good, but it is very honest. Here is the story and quote:

James Carville, Democrat political consultant extraordinaire – and former Bill Clinton campaign manager, has astonishingly come out and said what all good Republicans have known for decades: Not only are most Democrats politically clueless; they’re easily manipulated by the puppet masters of their party as well. Wow. James Freaking Carville. Of all people. Here’s an excerpt, as quoted on Amazon.com:
“Ideologies aren’t all that important. What’s important is psychology.
The Democratic constituency is just like a herd of cows. All you have to do is lay out enough silage and they come running. That’s why I became an operative working with Democrats. With Democrats all you have to do is make a lot of noise, lay out the hay, and be ready to use the ole cattle prod in case a few want to bolt the herd.
Eighty percent of the people who call themselves Democrats don’t have a clue as to political reality.
What amazes me is that you could take a group of people who are hard workers and convince them that they should support social programs that were the exact opposite of their own personal convictions. Put a little fear here and there and you can get people to vote any way you want.
The voter is basically dumb and lazy. The reason I became a Democratic operative instead of a Republican was because there were more Democrats that didn’t have a clue than there were Republicans.
Truth is relative. Truth is what you can make the voter believe is the truth. If you’re smart enough, truth is what you make the voter think it is. That’s why I’m a Democrat. I can make the Democratic voters think whatever I want them to.” (http://clashdaily.com/2012/11/james-carville-says-80-of-democrats-are-politically-clueless/).

Any self-respecting person who has adopted democratic policies and reads this statement – you would think they would be outraged. But you don’t see that. If the dems had fight in them for what is right they would be outraged that they have been duped. But it seems once a dissociator, always dissociator. They want to stay that way; and probably will fight for staying that way. Carville emphatically shows he has no respect for the Democratic Party, even insults it. For him the Democratic Party was just a mercenary choice for the sake of power and influence. He didn’t lead them toward policies that would be best for the country, but policies that dupe the people into PC/globalist thinking that sounds good, and seems to make things easy, but it is a sham. This is how Obama got elected, not on merit and the good of America but for a soft America that will make things easy for the people, policies and ideas that are drifting towards socialism. I think this is a sickness. It leans toward mass mind control, not freedom. This kind of movement is perpetuated by the noxious influence of hell. That is my take. But you readers know if you have read my political articles what I think. I would like to hear your reaction to what Carville said.

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  • I attended a national event one time where Carville was a guest speaker. He spent his entire speech discussing how great Bill Clinton and his policies. The conservative crowd asked lots of pointed questions, one of which was “If Bill Clinton is so great, tell us something that would endear him to us” Carville was stumped! Finally after a long silence he said “He has always treated me and my family very well”

    • Hello Jeff, good to hear from you. It sounds like Carville was towing the company line at that event. I was shocked that he spoke such naked truth about his own purpose and the reality of who he is manipulating. It’s amazing how the human mind attaches ideology to emotion. This is very common, but there needs to be a grounding of love toward the Lord to keep our mind somewhere near rational. The LOrd’s Word and life is always based on good principle, but it has to be an internal love for the lord. Just externally believing in ideas and the lord often leads to the same kind of bullying.

  • Camille never said that. It is absurd on the face of it that he would. You cannot find a documented source for this.

    From Snopes: “In October 2012 the above-referenced quotation in which James Carville purportedly likened the Democratic constituency to “a herd of cows” received wide circulation on the Internet. It appeared to have originated with an unsourced posting to the ThinkExist.com which has been reproduced on a number of other web sites. However, we found no news article, speech, interview transcript, or printed source documenting this statement as one actually made by James Carville, and a representative from his office confirmed that the purported quote was not something Carville himself ever said”

  • Steve: ALWAYS check any story against the story-vetting database at SNOPES.COM before you public the story.
    Most outrageous-sounding stories about something someone said are FALSE. If you do not check the story at
    SNOPES.COM before perpetuating the story, and the story is false, then you are bearing false witness, which violates
    one of the Ten Commandments. As a professional counselor or chaplain, your reputation and your integrity is paramount.
    Do not post “quotes” from famous people until you properly confirm and vet the quotes. SNOPES.COm is the quick and
    easy way that countless people and journalists confirm the legitimacy of quotes. IF your quote is proven to be false,
    you need to take it down from your website, Steve. Next time you want to post a quote… go to SNOPES.COm and make sure
    it is correctly attributed to whomever supposedly said it. You will find 80% of them are Internet Hoaxes, and not real quotes.

  • Steve: Are you moderating your website at all here? This story about something James Caravelle allegedly said has been PROVEN to be FALSE according to the well-respected story-vetting website SNOPES.COM It’s not up for debate. This is false. I don’t understand why you are not removing this story from your website, as it damages your personal credibility, and it exemplifies bearing false witness. Do you not believe the refutation at SNOPES.COM ? Perhaps you are not familiar with this most respected of story vetting websites, used by journalists around the world to confirm the validity of stories before they publish them? Steve, are you refusing to take down this false story? I’m no fan of James Carville… he is an evil man, and a liberal politician guilty of many things… but if he did NOT actually make this statement, and that has proven beyond any reasonable doubt, then please help me understand why you are not removing this false story?