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No Leader Has the Accurate Moral Sense of What to Do and How to Do it Like Trump: Operating At ‘The Speed of Trump’

No leader has the accurate moral sense of what to do and how to do it like Trump. I am getting really tired of all these other Republican politicians. I am not giving up on them but most seem to be in over their head; Trump is of a caliber far ahead and above them. It looks like even those who support him don’t know what to make of him. Newt has said: “I find myself studying Trump daily. He’s so practical; doing more original, unique good than any president in history- faster, at less cost. I knew his UN speech would become historic when I saw a tweet from Jerry Falwell Jr. proclaiming, “Best State of the Union speech in my lifetime delivered by the best @POTUS since George Washington!” Newt is very smart and really knows his stuff, but even he is not able to understand and go where DT does.
Trump operates at ‘the speed of Trump’ – smarter, faster, more accurate, and, amazingly, at the same time simpler. It is so because he is spiritually sound, focused on service. He is entirely about results. Most other politicians want to ‘appear’ as something, but Trump ‘IS’. Lindsay Graham can talk some good stuff, propose good things but gets nothing done. Newt gets stuck on some ‘goody two shoes issues’ that Trump doesn’t. Trump is laser focused on what’s best for the people, business, the nation and for God. A doer through and through and more energy than them all. I think Jim Jordan is really good, the republican minority leader is good, but don’t compare to Trump. Other republicans are falling by the wayside. Rand Paul, Rubio have fallen by the wayside voting against Trump, seem to have ill-will toward him. These kind of guys don’t want to be considered on the Trump train, but that is again thinking of appearances. It looks like Nunes, Graham, and maybe Barr are going to do something (and have now begun). (Then you also have men like Romney and McCain who envied the hell out of him and do very stupid things). All these guys are being exposed by Trump’s ability to operate at ‘the speed of Trump’.
When you have someone like Trump it is good and appropriate to embrace it with enthusiasm. Our heart should respond with joy at the good that is being done for America and God. It doesn’t mean we are not discerning, or question things, or that we are not using reason, and that we don’t have something good of our own to contribute; it just means we know a good thing when we see it, and we are going to fight for it! ‘Enthusiasm’ means ‘God within’. God doesn’t want lukewarm people. The People, like those at Trump rallies, the one’s doing the ‘Living, working, loving and dying’ in this country embrace him with joy. Trump himself seems to get the most Joy at being around the people – the manufacturers, the police, the military, the people doing things – because they understand his heart and purpose.
In spite of all this inertia Trump uses everyone and anyone he can for the good of America. God is Astounding.

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