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       When I was about seven I remember having the first experience of

(This article is the sister to the last post. I have wanted to write this

In the Glorification process there are two parallel processes by which Jesus Glorified His human

From Ephesians in the Bible:“But unto every one of us is given grace according to

      Conatus is a very important function in the universe that profoundly informs both

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  In the Bible the word "Name" doesn't only mean the name of the person, but it refers to the quality of a person's soul, the whole of that person's

Light corresponds to wisdom. This is often used as a metaphor, but it is an actual truth. They correspond in their image and function - they both shine and illuminate,

SYMBOLOGY IN THE CHRISTMAS TREE   I have a beautiful Christmas tree in my house, with lights, streamers, ornaments and a star on top. As do so many, I love having a

MEDITATION ON THE HOLY SPIRITThe Holy Spirit, the fire that proceeds from God, and that kindles in our breasts a spiritual passion for God to win; it is a marriage

THE DIFFICULTY IN DEALING WITH EVIL, AND HOW GOD EQUIPPED US TO DISCERN IT AND STAND UP TO IT. Jesus spoke to His disciples (and all believers who desire good to

       A candle symbolizes Christ, specifically his self-giving love and the gifts of life we receive from Him. The candle provides light and warmth as it consumes its