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Trump is not a divider. He calls a spade a spade. One cannot relativize evil, evil acts are evil. This is a basic fallacy in PC philosophy. LGBT folks are Americans and peaceful and deserve respect and protection. In the killers world they deserved to die. Trump is protecting them, not pandering to them, and they appreciate it, and many are now coming to vote for him.
They see that Hillary and Obama do not have their back when it comes to reality, but are betraying them, leaving them to the wolves.
The main point to see form this is that the man who attacked innocent people did it from hate and ideology taught to him by Islamic extremist. Like Obama PC people can’t seem to bring them self to face that awful truth, they can’t say the words Islamic terrorist. It doesn’t mean all Muslims are bad, and Trump doesn’t believe that. He wants to stop refugees for a time only till the problem is dealt with. Its a real problem we cannot dissociate from. Any man worth his salt protects his house and family from another man who would come in to kill his family. Trump is doing that against a real threat against our country. The majority of people see all this now, people are tired of dissociating from responsibility. The Trump effect is this: inwardly people realize we have avoided responsibility and put hope in a free ride and false compassion with people like Obama. People don’t want that, they want real freedom that comes from a strong America with our own identity. Trump has pricked the conscience of America by doing and saying what is needed, and people feel a passion to take action for responsibility, to do the work to make a prosperous, strong and safe America. With freedom comes great responsibility.
The basic fallacy in PC philosophy is that it believes there is not a hell. There is a heaven and a hell, and earth is in the balance of the two. Heaven and hell cannot be relativised; only hell would think to do that. They are in utter antipathy. They are both very very real in the spiritual world and here. Hell is hate, deception and evil. We don’t want to go there, nobody does. But not acknowledging it exists, by thinking it is compassionate to believe it doesn’t exist, we are ingesting a lie into our soul. That plays into the hands of evil and allows it free reign. We need to see evils machinations and expose it. Trump is exposing the dead wood, crony ways in both the GOP and the democratic party. This has been the consistent pattern and that is the sign of a man God is using. Good and truth from God is the most powerful force in the universe, by tethering our self to the Lord we are protected from evil. By favoring God and fighting for him we save our souls. It is irrational and insane to ignore God’s divine order, and to fight against it turns the mind into PC mush. America in its origins is a covenant with God – In God We Trust – this and the genius of democracy and the constitution is what makes it great and exceptional in the world, a light to the world.

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