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Someone asked, “Please, how can I bring unbelievers to Christ?”

Someone asked, “Please, how can I bring unbelievers to Christ?”

Show people that you care about them and love a love that cares for their salvation as our Lord Jesus has done for all of us. Do not impose on them, but if they see you care, you may be able to show them the great treasure of the Word and a relationship with the Lord. It is essential to understand in this that every person must come to choose for themself to accept the Lord; it cannot be imposed for that would be merely external and there is no bond in this. It is also essential to understand that Jesus is the inner teacher, only He is the true inner teacher for everyone. This not a saying, but the reality because only He knows the internal state of a person and transforms their soul in reciprocal intimacy. Nevertheless we can inspire people, be an example and instruct about the Word to seed the soil, and if they feel our love and care they will begin to trust. That Jesus is the only true inner teacher can also be understood by the familiar saying that, ‘All good comes from God’, and ‘I am the true judge, and the bridge’, sayings which Christians truly embrace (even if they don’t entirely understand). So in truth, it is presumptuous to think we ‘saved’ a soul, that is the work of the divine One, but perhaps we can help to bring people to Jesus. It also must be known that we and others can only receive the gifts of Jesus in humility, and this leads to strength and elevated perception. God bless your heart friend.

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