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Trump’s Convention Speech was not Dark as Libs say, it was Godly leadership

Trump’s speech was not dark, that is the feeble attempt of libs to drown out the spirit of the salt-of-the-earth-people that are rising. Trump faced reality and instiled great confidence that we will defeat the real cause of darkness that is killing Americans and trying to kill our spirit. Trump is a great-hearted warrior. PC thinking is a form of pier-pressure and mind control that tries to take the heart out of those who passionately care about their country. Trump sees it clearly. He sees the evils and dangers of ISIS and gives great confidence this insidious enemy will be defeated. He sees the BLM is a front for chaos and lawlessness, not a movement for good. He sees, like most people now, that Obama is the apologist for anti-american movements. Trump builds confidence that we can take responsibility, that we can believe in the great American dream, that we can be in business without government undermining our efforts, that we can Be a God-loving country. The speech was great. God does not deal in avoidance as humans are inclined to do. Jesus addressed the darkness before him with such acute perception of the truth it stopped everyone in their tracks. Some were humbled and changed, because there was goodness in them, others doubled down on hatred and revenge. Either way they knew they were confronted with the truth. Jesus dissociated from nothing, no matter how intense the conflict, or how stunning the intimacy, He was present to that before Him. And like the cornerstone He is the truth and love coming from him conqured all in the end. In the face of the enemy Obama apologizes and justifies, Trump becomes all the more intense and confident.

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  • check out the interview about the co-author of Trumps book regarding the deal and see what he has to say regarding no soul and very dark. I believe if you follow Trump you as well are a very dark soul that is hidden deep inside of you. Trump only cares about himself he doesn’t even care about his family have you every seen him acknowledge his grandchildren? If he get’s in then we will have war and if you have any children what will you do if they have to go to battle due to Trumps non thinking do something stupid in the moment. He is compared to Hitler look he want’s to build a wall shameful. Tell me what company’s has he built that are honest and don’t take people’s money and that they don’t pay their workers. You don’t get it he doesn’t care it’s all about power not for the care of the people the environment etc. He is from a elite group of men that have a secret society that runs the government. They don’t want this to come out they only want people to live with anger and fear so they can control. I have a feeling you must be a smart man please I beg you open you mind and especially your heart and see that God doesn’t want this he want’s unity and peace not someone yelling and making fun of others for his own benefit. If he get’s in there will be great darkness but maybe that’s what you also thrive on as well. God bless you and may God fill you heart with peace and understanding.

    • You are very misguided in your ideas. I certianly don’t need you help.