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Biden is a dunce. Not just because of on-setting dementia; he only thinks from the liberal mindset which does not look toward practical results and therefore fails to be intelligent. This way of thinking is devoid of spiritual intelligence because behind it there is ill-will. The liberal mindset simply has its own will and agenda that cares for its self not the good of the people or countries. This is a very real thing.


Here is the reason the extreme left’s thinking is devoid of spiritual intelligence. They presume to act from compassion but this is a facade. They act from false compassion which means they willfully separate compassion from wisdom. False compassion means to live by half the equation of life. Real compassion is to be ‘harmless as a dove, and wise as a serpent’. The union of these two is genuine compassion and genuine wisdom. To separate them makes the mind natural and not spiritual.


All spirituality is based on the union of body and spirit, love and wisdom, faith and charity, earth and heaven and so on. It takes an inner skill to exercise this with integrity, strength and humility. To separate compassion and wisdom and any of these others makes the mind natural only.

This causes them to invert everything – put emotion before reason, they put aliens before Americans, they put communism before capitalism, they put government before people, they put manipulation and control before sovereignty and freedom. They put ideology before life! So they lose respect for life and give no authority to God. Thus, they advocate for and do foolish and insane things. The perfect example of this is how they want no borders. The first thing of a healthy psychology and healthy relationships is to have good personal borders. But without discernment (wisdom) the left lets anyone in; the do not use common sense or discernment in the issue. Just let in drugs, criminals and killers in the name of compassion. This is a reflection of their psyche. Then they justify their view by looking at only half-truths, like tragedy in some cases of children being separated from parents at the border, not the whole picture. They look at small, emotional half-truths and leverage the emotion devoid of reason to impose their will on all.


To have moral, intellectual and spiritual integrity you have to look at the whole picture, and the particulars of the issue. It is essential to honestly look at the CAUSES in the whole situation and the particulars of each step and time, and to give credit where credit is due, and then address the problem with strength and real compassion. This brings intelligence. This is honorable before God, and is exactly what Trump did. The true seeker follows the truth wherever it leads, not just according to their own ideology. But the left (and some crony GOP to a degree) care nothing for these things, because those who are external are blind to the internal.


There is something more that is very important to realize about this. False compassion inevitably leads to rage and violence. The reason false compassion leads to violence is because to live by half the equation you have to deny the other half, and this denial consumes one’s mind and energy. It takes just as much energy to deny and avoid as it does to engage. The Lord said, ‘you are either for me or against me’, which means NO-ONE gets away with avoidance of the truth and of necessary issues. These energies and issues don’t go anywhere but cause havoc and rage in ones psyche. Since the left refuses to face these things they cause havoc and agitation for others and society. Presuming to be neutral to God is the ultimate vanity; it is what the Bible calls to be ‘lukewarm’; it is repulsive. The Lord calls it vomit. The deeper they go into this syndrome the more their deprived core soul becomes enraged.


Now, since they wont look at what they have become themselves they take it out on others and justify all manner of cheating and lying. This is what we see acting out before us.

Latest comments
  • “Biden is a dunce. Not just because of on-setting dementia…” And how did you attain this diagnosis? Are you a medical doctor or mental health expert?

  • They say that experience is the best teacher. Your work as a chaplain has no doubt brought you up close and personal with people who are dealing with varieties of mental illness, emotions, and spiritual decisions. Doctors have their place but ministers have theirs as well. I do not doubt that your experience and work qualify you to “diagnose” matters such as these.

  • The point you are making is a good one, and greatly to be considered when looking at the two positions.
    Jesus said, “He that is not with me is against me, and he that gathereth not with me scattereth.” Matthew 12:30.
    No one can be neutral. Those who reject the teachings of Christ engage in battle against Him and against all Truth. This is a very tough position for them to be in, far from peace and quiet and rest.
    Conversely, for the believer, Jesus said, “Come unto me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart and you will find REST FOR YOUR SOULS. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”