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You will not speak the words, But I hear the words well up I must face Follow,

Jesus - "The meek shall inherit the earth".     The meek, or the gentle self,

    This subject is somewhat controversial, but its good to address all things in

    This is a very important question, that goes to the heart of our Christian

Peter and the people at the time Jesus came were in dark times, and

Matthew 12:30 - "He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who

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In the study of quantum mechanics scientist have discovered that light/wave particles, or virtual particles, are produced in a vacuum. "A number of other recent works demonstrate that the vacuum

Possession by evil spirits, as it existed before and during the time of Jesus, is no longer allowed. It remained on earth for a time after Jesus’ death while the

You will not speak the words, But I hear the words well up I must face Follow, follow that vein to its end! NO

As a Christian that loves Jesus I seek to allow God to influence my life so I can exercise a positive influence on my environment, and on those around. Having

  When we look into the spiritual/historical purpose of John the Baptist a deep sense of God’s wisdom emerges. When pressed by the priests John identifies himself as the fulfillment of

  This is a time that dredges up deep and dark feelings, and also a time of great joy. Swedenborg, from 'True Christian Religion': "At the time of the Lord's first coming the