Lets reflect n forgiveness. I was once in a severe cult. It is a long story it was very damaging and abusive. I had to learn how to process it and forgive. I think of it the way AAA desribes getting over being an alcoholic, we can make great progress but it never entirely goes away.  Forgivness is essentially looking to be right with God in life. The opposite of Forgiveness is seeking revenge, and God told us to leave revenge to him. Taking it to God leaves it beteen ourself in him, a place we can trust. I think of it in the light of Matin Luther Kings non-violence. Like like faith and compassion Forgiveness is not blind. Forgiveness is the union of compassion and wisdom. Blanket compassion is like painting over the smudge. It’s not that easy. In forgiveness we have our eyes open to what happenend and go through it.

Martin Luther King’s non-violence was the union of compassion and strength; it was not passive nor avoidant, but brought the power of presence, or conscience, to people and an issue. It brought the focus of being right with God, not the intent to beat others, and thus possessed the potential virtue of winning others over. In didn’t seek or settle in being above or below others. Being present in this way guided and/or forced people to face their conscience, a conscience that they had been avoiding, and unspokenly agreeing with others to avoid. Seeking this path effectively aligns a movement with the power of love and wisdom which God can honor and work through. Jesus said it in many ways; here is one: “He who is without sin…throw the first stone”. In saying this people were convicted by their own conscience from within which is transformative. Jesus never dissociated from anything, but was present to all no matter how great the conflict or the intimacy.

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