No-one ever said Trump is perfect. Powerful super capable men usually have a super high libido. Clinton was a trashy womanizer, Martin luther King was well known to be, even Einstein. This is not to condone what Trump said; it was a bad thing to say, but it is not the essential matter before us. Libs pattern is to take a small truth and make it the-all-of-everything. Trumps instinct in response to the wrong he had said was right – he acknowledged the wrong and apologized and then spoke to what is most important for our nation. Clinton never acknowledged his wrongs; Hillary never does that. The clintons keep perpetuating deep corruptions. Ryan is a hiprocrit for trying to destroy trump for what he said.
Trump is almost single-handedly leading a mainstream movement to bust the PC ethos that has at least partially paralyzed there being a strong American voice in the world. (He is also shocking the GOP by doing nothing by the book). Obama has pandered to the lowest element in people and in politics; he promised to be change from business as usual, but he really has been worse that the some old thing; he not only disdains the American people by saying and doing what he wants and assuming he can get away with it, but he demonstrates an anti-American will. In saying things like, “It’s not about winning, that is not the point”, repeatedly claiming that the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan is over when it is not, by saying that ISIS is under control when it is clearly an intense danger’ he shows he either has a deceptive will to undermine America, or he is deluded. He has no vision for America, and no-one is buying his appeal to a ‘free-ride’ anymore, people know a ‘free-ride’ is basically hell. Obama’s brand of heartless relativism is ‘vomit to the soul’. But we have wasted enough breath on Obama; he is a lame duck and we are ready to chalk him up as a mistake and move on. Trump is the Polar opposite of Obama, and most politicians for that matter. He can plan but he speaks from the hip. We don’t have to read through deceptions; You see what you get, and the political system is just not used to it, but when you analyze it – we are getting what is good for America. Trump is an American original. Both the left and GOP establishment think they can get rid of him simply by deriding him and calling him a clown, but neither have made it work, and the people love it. He seems like an easy target to ridicule; they call him a privileged white male, a rich man that buys-his-way-in, a blustery egotist, and none of these labels stick; they are true in a way but they really don’t define him. His heart has met the incredible challenge of doing what is best for America. He is street savvy and self-made; he doesn’t see color but sees the motivation at the heart of people. He believes in America and is willing to sacrifice himself for it. He can do what we can’t do, but wish we could. Everyone has a sense of him from seeing him consistently the same on his shows, and understand his weaknesses and strengths like a wealthy cousin in the family. He may have a huge ego, but he makes no bones about it. People are actually deeply thinking about what they want for America, and long-behold Trump is the American original that can do the job. He is an aberration. And here is why:
There is a verse in the Bible which tells the story of the unjust steward:
“And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light. And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations”.
The ‘children of this world’ and ‘the mammon of unrighteousness’ refers to leaders and business people who are zealous and ambitious, but act from a love of the world, not from a love of use to others. In other words they have primarily selfish motives, but do what is good and right for the sake of getting ahead and keeping up appearances. This is Hillary. When left to their own devices these kind will cheat and hurt others for their own gain. The children of light are the opposite; they act for the use of others and the community even above themselves. Now it is usually the case that the worldly are more ambitious, willing and desiring to have power over others, while the good are more tentative in these matters. Those with a zeal for power usually get these offices and get things done. So when the Scripture says that the children of the world are wiser than the children of light, it doesn’t mean that literally, it means that the children of the world are needed and used by the Lord to get things done. The Lord providentially uses both the good and the bad for His purposes; the bad have no idea, but the good acknowledge that the good comes from the Lord. Because the bad have lust for power in the world, they are more often in those positions, but they nevertheless have to keep up appearances to the people they lead, so they appear to be good. For instance, now that Obama is near the end you see that he has dropped keeping up appearnces and more openly pursues his Anti-America pro-Islam agenda. With the words, “Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness”, the Lord counsels the good to be wise in the way they work with the zealous in both achieving good ends and in not becoming like them.
Trump is the rare bird that is a ‘good zealot’. He has a fiery ambition to win, and be in power, and looks a lot like the evil, and no doubt has evil elements, but is primarily doing good for the sake of the country. I say he is good because he does the right things; he is a patriot that loves America; its origin, its history and its heroes. He loves democracy and capitalism, which the left vilifies, but he an un-apologetic winner at it. He loves American exceptionalism and believes America should be the leader and the best in the world, and with his brash confidence gives people confidence that we can be great. He knows to protect the borders, make the military strong, He upholds traditional American values, Loves God, country and family; he wants to run the country in a fiscally responsible way, lower the debt, protect our interest in business dealings with China, make the government smaller and encourage the small and big business man and woman; give more power to the states, not the national government. He will get rid of Obama care, protect gun rights, upholds policemen and all service people, he ‘gets’ what America is about and makes America great. He believes in one nation under God. He is not against women and he is not against Muslims; he is for America and doing the responsible thing. He is almost single handedly busting through a lot of the negative PC culture in America.
Trump is the antithesis of the intellectual academic. The latter thinks internationally first, America second, environment first, human interest second, tolerance first, protecting US second. This is the basic mindset of Obama and Hillary. They can make it sound intelligent, but it is unsound. It is true that ‘Mercy is the heart of the Law’ as Jesus says, and this is important to hold, but this value is misinterpreted. The inner truth of this is that charity is not charity unless it leads to something good. It is not charity to do any thing that aids evil to accomplish it ends. It is not charity to allow Muslim refugees in that causes leads to the death of our citizens. This liberal mindset presumable comes from compassion and seeks to protect against abuse, but it doesn’t understand the true meaning of charity, and has become itself a terrible avenue of abuse. While there are millions of Muslims who are peaceful minded, the political thrust of the religion is externally minded and seeks to dominate and overtake where it is for its own interest. It inevitably tries to establish Sharia law, and the extreme faction believes violence is justified. The western idea of peace means, as we know, to care for others, treat others with respect, love and fairness. The Islamic idea of peace has to do with justice, and this interpreted externally means justice only to its own goals, which justifies violence. For those who believe in the Koran literally it is insular and justifies violence for its own self –preservation. For the extremists in the religion it is an ingrained hereditary mindset that is not going away. The liberal/academic mindset is utterly incapable of dealing with this reality, not only in regard to Islam but in regard to protecting our country in general.
The last thing God wants is for evil to go unseen. This is what it essentially means in the Bible to not be ‘lukewarm’; act and be for or against, but don’t be a passive heart that ignores evil, and has no enthusiasm for good – for evil flourishes in the shadows. Trump is a battering ram against PC passivity and the People love it. The soul of America is sick to death of it. It is very important to be able to articulate these things to our self so we can discern what is compassion and what is not, and fight for our own soul and loyalties.

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