Its is often the dysfunctional machination of libs to try to take the right of having a voice away from those who disagree with them, as the media is doing with Trump and his administration. This is not unique to libs, but any evil minded manipulator does this, but it has been playing out with the liberals against Trump, and it is especially used by liberals because it comes part and parcel with their idea of false compassion (which I have written about before in this blog).

In the news recently a battle rages between Trump and the media. Liberals have got to the point they say any deceptive and sometimes violent thing they want, i.e., Griffin holding cut-off head of Trump in a nod to ISIS; the recent Broadway play that depicts the killing of trump; the group of youths a while back that kidnapped a disabled boy; BLM killing cops; Obama obstructing pretending he still has power of president; but when Trump gives a reasoned, or sometimes silly response, to fight back, he is castigated for it to the point they call for impeachment. The liberal media is given a much widder license for much more numerous, deceptive and cruel attacks. Why is this so?

In general those that tether themselves to the Word have a conscience about the way they act, and are more discerning of responsible action. Not that all Conservatives are good and Dems are bad, but in general the conservatives are fighting for God in America and Dems not so much. Conservatives have a greater understanding and belief in the constitution, and adhere to its values. Many conservatives, especially those educated in history, understand that the principles of the constitution come from the wisdom of the Word, (the Bible). The constitution and American democracy in its ideals are spiritual genius manifested in the world, which is never perfect, but it is the greatest form of government for living in freedom and ‘under God’. So the spiritual reason conservatives suffer such a double standard is that the good don’t have the same kind of zeal to attack and cause pain as obstructive liberals who don’t have as much of a conscience about their actions. Most people who have a zeal for power tend to be on the negative/manipulative/evil end of the scale, while those who are good don’t have the same level of need for power and attention.

There is a verse in the Bible about this, which is little understood; it is known as the story of ‘the unjust steward’. It can be found at Luke 16: 1-14; part of it reads: And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light. And I say unto you, make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations”. The ‘children of this world’ and ‘the mammon of unrighteousness’ refers to leaders and business people who are zealous and ambitious, but act from a love of the world, not from a love of use to others. Those inclined to an evil nature most often have this kind of zeal for political power. They primarily have selfish motives, but do what is good and right for the sake of appearances and getting ahead. When left to their own devices will cheat and hurt others for their own gain. The children of light are the opposite; they act for the use of others and the community even above themselves. Now it is usually the case that the worldly are more ambitious, willing and desiring to have power over others, while the good are more tentative in these matters. So those with a zeal for power rise to political positions and get things done. When the word says that the children of the world are wiser than the children of light, it doesn’t mean that literally, it means that the children of the world are needed and used by the Lord to get things done, in spite of the nature. The essential meaning of this story is that the Lord providentially uses both the good and the bad for His purposes; the bad have no idea, but the good acknowledge that the good comes from the Lord. Because the bad have lust for power in the world, they are more often in positions of political power, but they nevertheless have to keep up appearances to the people they lead, so they have to appear to be good – and this is where the Lord uses them for His purposes. With the words, “Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness”, the Lord counsels the good to be wise in the way they work with the zealous in both achieving good ends and in not becoming like them.

In the Bible this kind of behavior on a personal level is described in these verses, “I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them”. In the world today this manifests in the way libs believe in entitlement and they resent it being taken away; they believe in a blanket form of compassion that overlooks discernment, and when discernment is pointed out they just talk louder and repeat their talking points over and over again. This inevitable leads to them taking on a cruel bent; on a small scale this appears as emotional cut-off, avoidance, dismissal; on a large scale as acting out with riots and art that has violent effects, and as undemocratic political power plays to take over. Their rhetoric, consciously or unconsciously, is designed to take the voice away from their opponents, so that perceptive discernment of their actual intent cannot be heard. They do this by leveraging the power of the ‘marginalized’ or ‘oppressed’; claiming the oppressed are now the authority because only they the experience of oppression and how to correct it. This is the machination of evil. Entitled libs allow themselves to express anger but if those they disagree with do, it is considered a terrible act that they must be condemned and ‘authoritatively’ removed. This is how they use ‘tolerance’ and ‘compassion’ as tools for themselves but don’t give it to others in reality, only in appearance. When people try to alert libs to how they are mistreating others, they react violently to the attempts to wake them up from their dissociated state.

They have gotten away with this kind of thing for years and of course still do in schools, academia, politics, families, media – most aspects of society; but now the wave against it that wants to be strong and responsible, that wants to operate as a true democracy with sovereignty – is prevailing. Most people now see through all this, and Trump is the master of exposing it and fighting it. But the group-think of liberals and especially the zealous liberals that want globalism and socialism to prevail are unwilling to accept it.

Below are some of the psychological techniques some of these people use in arguing and pushing their agenda. To manipulate in argument and political platforms with the purpose to take the voice away from others is a clear sign of evil. (Again, these techniques are not unique to liberals; the GOP does the same thing, but it is most prevalent with liberals). Here are some of my observations on how the deceptive operate. They base reality, and how they should be treated on ‘how they perceive things, and how they feel about things’. When one makes an observation on a subject they counter-attack by saying, ‘don’t tell me what I think’. By saying this they block anyone from having an observation and are protecting themselves from self-examination. This comes from the childhood argument of ‘that’s how I feel about it, so its valid for me”; or ‘you may feel that way but I don’t, so I don’t have to’. This is known as relativizing meaning so that whatever they feel is as good as anything else, so they can do what they want. These are efforts to insulate and keep control and not allow other points of view to enter. Thinking this way is nebulous and makes their feelings the basis of reality, so no sound discernment can be made. If one says something against their feelings then it is claimed to be oppression. Also, they don’t look for the meaning of what one is trying to say, but just hear the words and what they think the words mean, and how they can use the words against the other. This may be true of a lot of communication to a degree, but the disingenuous purposely use this as a technique to avoid, defeat, and humiliate the ‘opponent’. For instance, if one uses the word ‘Christian values’ they have the idea of a close-minded, dogmatic oppressive person, and don’t listen to the others meaning. (Unfortunately, dogmatic Christians do this exact same thing from a closed conservative point of view and so feed the perception). The disingenuous also try to incite their opponent to anger, and if the other expresses anger they condemn them for doing so, while they themselves are not held to that standard and they take the stance of being ‘compassionate’.

Everyone feels anger and feels the impulse to do these kind of things, but in argument one who is sincere sees them self beginning to cross one of these lines and their conscience stops them, or at least inhibits them. This is very different then being angry, and vengefully manipulating. Anger comes up when we feel our personal rights are being taken away, and it is good to stand up for our rights, which doesn’t have to be belligerent but it can have passion. The good look to defending meaning and purpose; the not so good seek to humiliate and hurt the pother. For people who are really seekers their conscience leads them to hear and submit to the truth wherever they may hear it, whether it comes from their ‘enemy’ of friend. This is not easy to do, but it is a sign of one who has a relationship with God.

Trump is the rare bird that is a ‘good zealot’. He has a fiery ambition to win, and to gain power; he looks a lot like the evil, and like everyone has evil elements, but he is primarily doing good for the sake of other and the country. Trump must be profoundly credited and respected for how he has changed the whole course of America and the world from caving to globalism and socialistic peer pressure – to taking responsibility for our selves and our country, to being a free market democracy that fights for safety and freedom. (I have written in this blog how it is a very profound thing to meditate on what the end game of socialism and globalism is). I say Trump is good because he does the right things; he loves God and America; he loves the USA’s origin, its history and its heroes. He loves democracy and capitalism, (which the left so often vilifies). Trump is an un-apologetic, big-time winner! He loves American exceptionalism and believes America should be the leader and the best in the world, and with his brash confidence gives people confidence that we can be great. He is a good zealot! He has blown up the whole game of the left – and they cannot stand it! It is astounding to watch how God works!



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