As long as we are in this earthly world and have some cognitive ability we can change; anyone can be reformed. Change is a process, it doesn’t happen instantly. It is a birthing that takes place between the natural and the spiritual. The desire or love to change needs to overcome the inertia or resistance of the body and minds habits. The birthing takes place likes this between the union of the body and soul, the external and internal, one’s love and wisdom. Throughout our life we are forming a constellation between these in our soul, which is most readily seen between our external and internal self. As long as potential change is only in the mind or desire it has not yet reached fruition and can dissipate; it comes into fruition when it is moves into action, and then a bond is formed between our internal and external self. This process of bonding with our internal core (wherein God is) takes place throughout life and forms the constellation. An example of this is how our loves and beliefs shine through our face naturally when we speak; on the opposite end in this world we can feel something devious and harmful inside and show kindness on the outside. In the first there is harmony, and the second dis-harmony; the one is heavenly and the other hellish.

Now it is very significant to understand that at death the constellation formed is set, it does not change because we are no longer in the natural world. This is the meaning of the verse in the Bible, “Where the tree falleth, so it lays’. The constellation is now like a seed that is exposed to the light in the spiritual world. The constellation itself cannot change at this point because there is no longer any birthing between the soul the natural world – that process is over. Now it will grow according the nature of the loves formed in its constellation. When it comes to union evil is always trying to separate our love from wisdom which turns them to falsity and hate and all the negative emotions and cunning that comes with it. But heaven is always striving to bring union between our loves and our beliefs or faith.

So if the nature of ones constellation is primarily heavenly that in us which is not in harmony with heaven will be removed and forgotten. We are brought into wholeness with our ruling love. If the constellation is primarily hellish then evil loves remain and the heavenly ones will be removed.

It is up to us to form the heavenly bond during our life here on earth. There is no hiding in the spiritual world like there is here. We are seen, completely, angels see all the way through us and desire nothing more than to love us and prepare us for heaven, but if our soul is not prepared we will reject them. If our soul is heavenly then we will love being fully and completely seen as if for the first time. There will still be many challenges and points of growth, but in general we increase in happiness for eternity. It is also an extraordinary thing about heaven that all of our negative memories and fears and experiences will be released and no longer distress our mind (they are still there but the attachment is truthfully purged), but instead we look and grow upward on onward into an ever more particular and exciting love of life for eternity. This is what it means that ‘all of our tears will be wiped away’.

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