2nd day

And God made the expanse, and made a distinction between the waters which were under the expanse, and the waters which were above the expanse, and it was so. And God called the expanse heaven (Gen. 1:7-8).
[3] The next thing therefore that man observes in the course of regeneration is that he begins to know that there is an internal man, or that the things which are in the internal man are goods and truths, which are of the Lord alone. Now as the external man, when being regenerated, is of such a nature that he still supposes the goods that he does to be done of himself, and the truths that he speaks to be spoken of himself, and whereas, being such, he is led by them of the Lord, as by things of his own, to do what is good and to speak what is true, therefore mention is first made of a distinction of the waters under the expanse, and afterwards of those above the expanse. It is also an arcanum of heaven, that man, by things of his own, as well by the fallacies of the senses as by cupidities, is led and bent by the Lord to things that are true and good, and thus that every movement and moment of regeneration, both in general and in particular, proceeds from evening to morning, thus from the external man to the internal, or from “earth” to “heaven.” Therefore the expanse, or internal man, is now called “heaven.”


Hello, I see you have the essential elements, and now looking to bring clarity and understanding. I find when I do this I have to sit with ES explanation and meditate on it and make what he is saying ‘my own’, that is understand it from my own heart and mind, not as something I am repeating. It is very hard for a lot of people to read ES so I want to make it understandable to them, so I sit with it till I have an internal grasp of it and then relate it to others in a way that reaches them. the important elements I see in this is that (as you know) this is about regeneration so it is an important stage in a person’s growth. He is making a distinction with the words ‘above the expanse’ and ‘below the expanse’ and ‘morning’ and ‘evening’ – between the internal self and the external self. This is a very important awareness for a person to develop in their life. He further makes the distinction that the person who is internal perceives and feels that the good that is done comes from God, not from the self which the external person thinks. This is the acid test of an internal person because it involves submitting to God and expanding in love to him. It is always good to be able to relate ES principles to other of ES principles (or to other authors or your own experience). In this case the external self is meant to be led by the internal, not visa versa; this is of ‘divine order’ but this is a process. ES further points out that the cupidities of the external self are always going to come up, so make the idea of cupidities tangible (as you did) – as in temptations, illusions, selfish inclinations, promiscuity. These cupidities are broght to the forefront by the Lord to be seen, and we struggle with them, see the futility of living from the external, and they can be improved or removed. In my own psychological experience they don’t have to be condemned but brought to an updated state under the care of the internal self and this reframes and heals them. The internal self knows how to care for things from love and thoughtfulness and strength. So the regeneration here is for the external things to come into a new state of submitting so to speak to the internal. perhaps now you can write this from your own insights stimulated by these suggestions. Thank you, Steve

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