A Concise Description of How Socialism is Inherently Corrupt and Democracy/Capitalism is the Only Real Way to Deal with Human Greed and Good Will.

It’s very important to see that America tethered itself to the Word of God from its beginnings, not only intellectually but in its heart, which allowed the providence of God to overcome very improbable circumstances. This of course doesn’t mean America is perfect, but it does mean it is a light to the world. Democracy and Capitalism require and bring out spiritual intelligence; the writing of the constitution required great spiritual intelligence; it required the Christian values of honesty, fairness, ingenuity, productivity, care and service are spiritual intelligence. Democracy/Capitalism is the manifestation of the principle of union in earthly human community, for earthly human communities are by nature in the balance of good and evil (on this earth they always will be). The principle of union comes from the nature of God, just as All spiritual intelligence originates and is disseminated from the Word. The Word is the root of all good; while money is in the balance of good and evil, it can be either.
Socialism assumes its practitioners will be philanthropic, but it does so without any checks. This is why people like Hillary and Obama and Soros are constantly trying to increase socialistic measures. Socialism doesn’t take into account human greed, so it always goes the way of corruption every time. Capitalism and democracy have the built-in check that all must win on free market. It takes into account human greed, but loves good will. Both must compete on the free-market, and as we know good service sells much better, but greed always tries and does find its way in in varying degrees at different times. The free-market is the only real way to deal with human greed. It causes what is there to be exposed so it cannot readily hide, not nearly as much as in socialism; this is in line with God. God never wants evil to be hidden, but evil always wants to hide until it comes into power – then it comes out in the open to dominate and destroy. The free market in a democracy allows God’s providence to work. In addition of course democracy has 3 branches (Each of which is designed to check the other on the development of evil). Even so Democracy (American Republic) can never work unless we are tethered to “In God We Trust”. Democracy inherently maximizes freedom and encourages the qualities of honestly, fair play, and looking out for others. Mezirow famously wrote that Democratic theory goes hand in hand with transformative learning: “Emotional intelligence is essential to transformative learning. Freedom involves will and insight to change and the power to act with purpose”.

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