I look forward to the caring nurturing of the truthful ones,

That build a heart on truths of what the Lord has done for us

As the angels teach the children

And so, a good deed is done,

Just as, in the moment Jesus said Mary’s name, she was seen all through, humbled to her core, overcome with exquisite pain – exquisite joy!

Oh, how the hateful ones pile-on, stifling thy voice, making me to hate my own self, Neh, even to destroy myself. This is their joy.

But once upon a time, and always upon a time, the Lord untangled their deep and sinister tendrils that so desperately gripped the soul of man

And now, even now, they penetrate into the intricate folds and tissues of my living heart!

But the arm of the Lord grabs their wrist and throws them out, every last strand now inept, thrown into an ally of their own love – a pile of putrid vomit is all that’s left

It is the angels now who teach me, my mentors, my dear friends, imparting knowledge and skill so refined my being leaps! – this is me, this is the skill, and the use, I see, and will be!

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