A Poem: The Apocalypse Dissolved

You will not speak the words,

But I hear the words well up I must face

Follow, follow that vein to its end!

NO…. Hide? Hide! Hide at all cost… No, no more


I desire to know, what is the origin? I must know the origin

I remember the rare glimpse of the underbelly

The look of… dire despair, seething rage, the wrenched face, even as you hid behind the child you embraced

Our family a voiceless sham… My child’s mind imprinted, sunny day crushed, fear conformed. The world painted apocalyptic black. Fight, but it’s all tainted… Fight harder, but the burden hitched. Fight, it’s unknown, too much, a powerless rage.

Many years and trials later I am looking into the eye of the lie… feel the scorched earth, the walls of righteous denial that seek to box-in pain, box-out sight.

The current of the underbelly is ugly and long, it is sad and cruel, it is sad that it is cruel. It is all blind to who I am, so dedicatedly blind. Oh, the waste. My perception dissolves the apocalypse. Compassion soothes the rage. I am left with no desire to harm. It is an illusion, a mere derivative reality, like the light of the moon.

I look to the sun

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