A Window into Christian Spirituality

February 19th, 2015

A woman asked me if it is possible to be spiritual without God. I think most of you would agree the simple answer is ‘no’. But I thought it would be a good exercise to articulate the answer. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments in the comment section at the end. 
         We cannot be spiritual without God. God is life itself, and love and wisdom in the spiritual world radiate from him like heat and light from the sun. Just as the physical sun sustains life for the physical world, the spiritual sun sustains all life. Love corresponds to heat, and wisdom to light. The human form is a receptacle of life that originates from the source – the divine human – God. Yes God is in the human form, as it says in the Bible we are made in his image. The nature of the source is reflected in all the things he creates, as the macro and the micro. We are not God, there is only one God. We are receptacles of life from God like the eye is an organ that receives light from the sun – our soul is an organ, the highest form in all the universe that receives love and wisdom from the Lord.
            The reason there is no spirituality without God is this; the essence of spirituality is to acknowledge God and to do good things of use in our life, and these two must be done together. Spirituality comes from the union of the two; it comes from having the receptiveness, the innocence, the humility to see that the good we do comes from him, and not our self. Zen, Christian meditation, yoga all the practices seek to find the sweet spot of walking this narrow path – accepting the divine in our actions. This position makes our heart soft like good soil, soil that God can germinate life in.
Without God we are an empty, selfish, heap, on the ground dead as a door nail. Life and freedom are both entirely gifts from God, this awareness alone is sufficient to find humility and devotion.
        The articles on Correspondences and the human form are very helpful in further understanding these ideas.

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