An Easy To Read Study On What Was Happening During The Three Days Between Jesus Death On The Cross And His Resurrection

On the cross when Jesus said, “It is finished’. He accomplished the last temptation by which He would make His body divine. It would still be three days before He resurrected, and after that it is apparent He was still going through a process before ascending. In this treatise I will explore the state He was in and the process He was continuing to accomplish during this critical time.

The three days are integral to Jesus mission. Jesus’ mission was to accomplish a complete wholeness that had not existed before, and completing this was an astounding process. He forged a union between His body, mind and soul by a process that is the centerpiece of all time, of all love and of all truth – for by accomplishing it in himself, He accomplished it in everything, the whole of the universe, in every atom, in all of mankind, and in all of heaven. He became the innermost of everything; what is the innermost is also the whole.

God, the divine human, had never been in the natural world before. When He was born on earth He entered the material world for the first time. This circumstance sets up an incredible event, a confrontation between a world at its peak of darkness, and – God embodied. The material world is slow, cumbersome, beautiful, yet full of inertia. It is separate from the spiritual world, and it is in the balance of good and evil; and God has submitted Himself to its pains and rules. His love and wisdom is immutable, meaning what He wills to come true will do so in time. But this does not mean it is easy. ‘In time’ means it is a process, and it was a long, long process, the most rigorous process to ever be. The Lord in heaven knew that He must be born thousands and thousands of years before it took place. During this time mankind gradually declined into darkness, by which is meant there was a terrible accumulation of evil. We know this because His brith was prophecied thousands of years before in the scriptures. Jesus was born at the darkest time that ever existed in order to save mankind. The whole existence of the universe hung on the merits of one baby on earth with a divine soul.

His body was born of Mary, a human, and all human bodies come with hereditary evil from head to toe, so Jesus had hereditary evil in His body like all other humans. This is why He could be tempted. Hereditary evils are passed on from generation to generation, just as hereditary qualities are passed on. Hereditary evils are born into the body and the soul, but they are not sins, they are inclination to sin. Sin is only sin when we act on the temptation of our own will. To will the deed from our own desire causes a bond that crosses the line. To think about sinning is still in the stage of temptation. Now, it is essential to know that Jesus had hereditary evil only in His body, not in His soul, for his soul is God. So during His whole life Jesus was tempted but He never sinned. He overcame! His battle with the myrraids of demons that are in the hells was face to face force of will against will. He had to put them all back into their place for the hells were overrunning the earth, the world of spirits, and even up into the lower pats of the heaven. (“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force”. – Matthew 11:12). No man can fight the hells, only the Lord from His divine might can do this. It is by going through this crucible process at every stage of His life that He removed every last vestige of hereditary evil from His body – until the last temptaion on the cross.

It is impossible for us to comprehend how immensely difficult this was, but it is important to gain some understanding of what he went through. We see in life how most people do not change unless pushed by painful experience to hit bottom, become deeply humbled, and then transform. This is well exemplified by the story of the prodigal son. This example gives us an idea of the difficulty of overcoming a severe temptation, but it gives us no idea of the scope of what Jesus went through. The scriptures show all Hell and the whole spiritual world knew who Jesus was. For instance; every time Jesus de-possesses someone the demons know who He is, and beg Him for mercy. We see the intensity of the attacks and temptation put on him during the 40 days and 40 nights, and the scripture says,’ the devil left Him for a season’, meaning the demons came back over and over. We also see in the garden before being arrested that He was so severely attacked and tempted by evil forces that He sweat blood, and said, ‘Father take this cup away from me, but let it be according to your will’. He was tempted and assaulted this way throughout his whole life.

The best way to gain some understanding of the scope of what Jesus underwent is to understand the following universal principles of the process: Evil tempts people in order to destroy their soul, and so it attacks the deepest ruling love of a person. If one overcomes the temptation then their ruling love is raised to a new and higher level, and then later, evil attacks at this higher level. While Jesus was on earth evil spirits and demons had access to Him. They had access to Him because of the hereditary evil in His body. But, the genius of it, is that He also had access to them. It is important to understand that God in his purity could not do this for His presence would destroy anyone, just as a person approaching the sun would be fried. Also, mankind had so separated themself from God that He did not have access to Man as He had before. (This is a very profound subject but in short the Jewish church was used as the representative church; this means that Man was connected to God by correspondences through the Jewish religion, but this had come to an end, and the access points (correspondences) were dead.) So Jesus’ mission was to establish the New Christian church where Mankind would now be in dreict relationship to Him, which is much greater light. But to do this he had to defeat al the forces of hell that had caused the dark cloud that had cut off the connection between heaven and earth. This battle took place on earth and in all the spiritual world between Jesus and all the forces of hell; it was immense. There are many places in the Bible that speak of this battle; it was sword to sword, face to face, power to power, mind to mind, He ‘trampled them under foot’. He did it one piece at a time over a few years.

Now, as He overcame every temptation and battle He kept rising in the quality and greatness of His love. Because His soul is divine He had infinite potential in the state of love He could accomplish. So every time He overcame a temptation He forged a new state of love; he did this over and over and rose to highest state never known before only the divine ONE could reach. The last temptation was on the cross. where He said it is finished, but during the three days He still had to complete the work of putting the hells back in order and of restoring heaven.

This gives us a solid idea of what the process He was going through.

Now there is a great scripture that speaks directly to what was happening during the three days. In the book of Jonah the Lord teaches; “As Jonah was in the whale’s belly three days and three nights, so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth” (Matt. 12:40).

By the ‘heart of the earth’ is meant Jesus descent into hell. This scripture expicelty tells that the three days Jonah was in the whales belly corresponds to the three days Jesus spent in hell between his death and resurrection. Here is the scripture describing Jonah’s three days: “Out of the belly of hell have I cried; Thou hast heard my voice. Thou hadst cast me into the depth, even into the heart of the seas; and the river was round about me; all Thy billows and Thy waves passed over me. The waters enclosed me about even to the soul; the abyss encompassed me round about, the sedge was wrapped about my head. I went down to the cuttings off of the mountains; the bars of the earth are upon me forever; yet Thou hast made my life to come up out of the pit” (2:2, 3, 5, 6).

As I have written many times, scripture is written in correspondences, which means it has an internal and external sense. It is important to understand that heaven and earth cannot be in order unless the hells are in order, for if the hells are not they will continue to disrupt and cause havoc in the latter. An overflow of evil and insidious deceptions continually strives to rise out of hell.

Now here are the meanings of the scripture from Jonah (extrapulated from Swedenborg’s correspondences): The verses, “Out of the belly of hell he cried,” and “he was cast into the depth, even into the heart of the seas,” refer to the deepest and darkest realms of hell that resist subjugation. “The river and the waters that enclosed him,” and “the billows and waves that passed over,” refer to the warring abilities of hell; how the demons use diabolical arts and sorcery to deceive and destroy; also, that they attacked with the brute force of their numbers to overwhelm him. “The abyss that encompassed round about,” signifies that the assult on Him came from all four directions, north, south, east and west; each possessing distinct capabilities, and nefarious arts and powers. “The cuttings off of the mountains to which he went down,” signify the ferocious hatred and jealousy the evil ones had toward him, and how they tried to block him from accessing the horrid places wherein lay the lair of their rulers, which they think are ‘gods’. They bound him up so He could not move and tried to enter his mind and cause dire despair, which is meant by “the sedge wrapped about the head,” and “the bars of the earth that were upon him.” Being “wrapped by sedge”, and “bars of the earth” refers to the ability of demons to turn a persons heart to the love of evil by entering their mind and erracing their identity. It was a struggle far beyond our ability to know, but Jesus was victorious over them, which is signified by “yet hast Thou made my life to come up out of the pit.” In the literal sense the Bible uses phrases like, “Thou wast made to come up,” as if someone else were doing it but in truth it is important to know the Lord overcame them in battle by the might of His own Divine power alone. This is a work only the divine could do.

This work of putting all hell into order was going on before His death, and continued after the resurrection, but the work was centered in the three days we are addressing. The way we can understand the time line of this is by the way miracles and possessions took place before and after his brith. Overt possessions began taking place because hell was overrunning the good on earth and even the lower parts of heaven, and this caused a dis-equilibrium between heaven and hell. When we understand that Man’s freedom is entirely based on there being perfect equilibrium between heaven and hell we understand a great key to the natural and spiritual universe. Freedom of will exists at the very pinnacle of this perfect balance, which is maintained by the might of the Lord alone. So to the degree equilibrium was lost, in that measure of freedom was lost. This is what allowed demons to cross the line and possess some people. Once dis-equilibrium starts it will only increase, so that man and religion become more external and separate from God.

Jesus was born into the world to stop all this. When He came into his power He began to do miracles as a compensation for the possessions. He did them for the sake of building faith in man, and restoring religion; but miracles are an external, ‘sensational’ measure. Both possessions and miracles compromise freedom, because they compel Man to their side. Miracles were allowed as a compensation for the extreme situation of the imbalance toward hell. Naturally the peole foucsed on the miracles but Jesus admonished the people for wanting ‘signs and wonders’ (miracles). He really wants the people to grow and change in their whole body, mind and soul; he seeks the internal transformation that forms the bond that saves, and this can only be forged by free will. So, one can see then, why it is that Jesus had to finish the work of putting the hell back in its place, and the completion of the work corresponed to the time that possessions and miracles stopped several years after Jesus death.

      We have shown how Jesus was accomplishing two parallel processes at the same time, the glorification and the redemption, (though there is much more to it). I described the scope of the redemption, but we need need to understand the scope of the glorification to gain a more complete conception of what He was doing during the three days and after.

We see in scripture that when the resurrected Jesus appeared to Mary He said to her, “Do not touch me, for I have not yet risen to my father”. Then about eight days later He appears to the disciples and invites Thomas to touch and feel his hand. Why the difference? This shows that the resurrected Jesus was still in process of fully glorifying his whole Human. Jesus also teaches this during His life when He says, “I have gloried it, and will glorify it again”. To ‘glorify again’ indicates it was a gradual process, stage by stage, a growing, and intensifying process. To understand this we need a good idea of the nature of His divine body, especially His infinity, and the infinity of the universe.

The infinity of God is a true infinity; He is not only omnipotent, but in numbers and prsence He is in everything living and non living. His body in the macro is the whole of the universe and the whole of heaven. He is also the source of everything; from Him springs the never ending fruitfulness and regeneration that perpetuates life for eternity. To fully glorify His new human He had to fill all of this infinity. In conceiving this it is essential to understand that what is the highest love inherently becomes the innermost; and, at the same time, that which is the innermost becomes the whole. God always had been in the human form, but in being born on earth Jesus became His new Human. So in the process of glorifying His human body on earth Jesus was, at the same time, becoming the new human form of all of heaven and all of the universe, in every particular and in every minutest detail unto the farthest reaches. If one were able to see the whole of the universe and all its parts, one would see that it is in the shape and form of the divine man. This human form of the universe is known as the ‘Grand Man’; the Lord’s divine body in His macro. His divine body is the perfect body and contians all the parts and organs, all the tissues, muscles and bones, the whole structure of the human form; plus He contains all the innumerable processes that take place in the human form. All of the parts and the whole of the universe and heaven are organized in, and have the structure of the human form. We are made in His image and the whole of the unjverse is made in His image. We see pictures of parts of the universe and the cosmic web science has mapped out, and these afe incredibly beautiful; but His divine boy, the form of heaven – is perfection. If one were able to see it, the beauty would be unfathomable – for beauty if the form of love.

The immensity of the universe and heaven is beyond are ability to conceive. To become the uttermost micro and macro, the first and last, the Alpha and Omega, took time. Here is the reason it takes time: we know very well that everything in the natural world takes place by a process; it is equally true that everything in the spiritual world takes place by a process. Now, in regard to infinity, the Infinity of the universe and of heaven are not stagnant, but dynamic. Science shows that the universe is ever expanding, and it is doing so at an accelerated rate. Not only that, but it is expanding from every point in the universe, not from a single point. This corresponds to the nature of heaven, for the overriding principle of heaven is that ‘the more that enter heaven the more perfect it becomes’. Thus, the nature of heaven is ever increasing joy, love and wisdom – at an accelerated rate for eternity. For joy to be joy it must be ever increasing, otherwise it would become stagnant, and would not be joy.

All this is according to divine principle (and the grace of God). It is a further gift and grace of God the way the universe is expanding from every point. This fact is an expression of the principle of sovereignty in all things, and it corresponds to the principle of sovereignty that is essential in all to all those in heaven. In heaven, everyone is sovereign and whole, a center unto themself in freedom, and are connected and useful to the whole, just as every cell in a body is sovereign and useful to the whole. The source of their joy is that they are fluidly ever growing in inner skills and use from love to the neighbor, and each is also ever receiving this love. Everyone seeks the happiness of others more than themself, so the more that enter the more perfect it becomes.

One can imagine then the immensity of heaven, the natural world that Jesus was in process of restoring. Jesus Christ is the very innermost part of every soul. We are all tethered to Him. This gives us some idea, then, of the immensity of the process He was engaged in, in the universe, in all of heaven; and at the same time putting all of hell into order.

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