An Extraordinary Encounter In Heaven Between Swedenborg and Heavenly Wives in the East Who Are In Love Truly Conjugal


Below is a narrative from one of Swedenborg’s countless experiences in heaven. As often happens he is thinking deeply on a spiritual subject and then he encounters an angel who guides him to a place where he will find people angels or a situation where he will find profound understanding on the subject. He is thinking about conjugal love and sees Golden rain in the spiritual world begins to move there in the spirit.

He encounters and angel and the angel says, “That rain falls upon a hall where there are three husbands with their wives, who live at the center of an eastern paradise. This kind of rain seems to be falling from the sun upon that hall, because abiding in those husbands and wives is wisdom concerning conjugial love and its delights – in the husbands, wisdom concerning conjugial love, and in the wives, wisdom concerning its delights.
“But since I perceive that you are thinking about the delights of conjugial love, I will take you to that hall and introduce you.”
So he led me through areas befitting a paradise to houses which were built with boards of olive wood, with two columns of cedar in front of the entrance; and having introduced me to the husbands, he asked that I be allowed, in their presence, to speak with their wives.
They then nodded and called their wives.
The wives looked searchingly into my eyes. So I asked, “What are you looking at?” They said, “We can see keenly what attraction you feel and therefore what affection you have, which is where your thought concerning love for the opposite sex comes from. And we see that although you are thinking about it intently, still you are thinking chastely.” They then said, “What do you want us to tell you about it?”

How extraordinary. To be able to have such an experience one has to be exceptionally worthy. 

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