As Much as Their Personalities are Different Trump Brings the Best of MLK, Reagan (and Others) to the Table: The Meaning of Non-violence and How Trump Lives it and the Left Gives Lip Service

August 24th, 2018
Martin Luther King’s non-violence was the union of compassion and strength; it was not passive nor avoidant, but brought the power of presence, or conscience, to people and an issue. It brought the focus of being right with God, not the intent to beat others, and thus possessed the potential virtue of winning others over. In didn’t seek or settle in being above or below others. Being present in this way guided and/or forced people to face their conscience, a conscience that they had been avoiding, and unspokenly agreeing with others to avoid. Seeking this path effectively aligns a movement with the power of love and wisdom which God can honor and work through. Jesus said it in many ways; here is one: “He who is without sin…throw the first stone”. In saying this people were convicted by their own conscience from within which is transformative. Jesus never dissociated from anything, but was present to all no matter how great the conflict or the intimacy.
The democrats claim MLK as their own, but do it in image only, but inwardly are doing the opposite. Their socialist bent is the spirit of being lukewarm; to be lukewarm is essentially being avoidant. What people don’t think about is that being avoidant takes more energy then being present. Being present takes courage, being avoidant is giving in to fear or even cowardice. In their actions the democrats have proven to not be responsible to real dangers and problems. Their leaders sold them on the lower, dissociative impulse; on the promise of free rides, and on compassion to all without discerning the quality of things. Now they have a platform of emotion and obstruction, and have little vision or reason. As they double (multiple times) down on this position we are seeing that it harbors violence with those that take it too far.
The Trump movement is much more in line with MLK. Trump and America when acting from wisdom have always said that we seek peace through strength. This is exactly what Reagan did and said. It is the correct spiritual attitude when we have peace as the end purpose and strength as the means if necessary. This is the meaning of the Eagle in our national emblem that holds an olive branch in one talon and arrows in the other. Trump faces and deals with small and huge problems with confidence and presence. He has shown Americans where we have been negligent and avoidant; and the conscience of Americans has been peaked, and our hearts repentant of this neglect and lack of courage, but from this our hearts are now strengthened.
Look at what he is doing with tariffs and with the UN. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that tariffs should be balanced between countries and that the UN members should pay their fair share. Any kid playing marbles knows this, but a ‘culture’ had grown around this that allowed tariffs  to become way out of balance. This is the nature of evil that worms its way in and normalizes itself, even though it defies all common sense. We have the same problem now with the double standard in the way the left is treated in the courts and in the news and the way the right is; its a terrible bias where there is not supposed to be any bias, but its very hard to change. These things are of evil; and evil always tries to hide itself by snowing the mind. Obama and Hillary fed into this mindset. Trump is bringing back common sense with tariffs, which is having, and will continue to have huge implications for the future good in the world. It doesn’t take a genius to see what is fair, but it DOES take a genius to change it!
      Trump is facing the problems when everyone else before him just let them grow. There are many types of geniuses; Trump is a genius of spiritual practicality, dealing with power and conflict, and standing up to evil with composure – and even care. He demonstrated this well by standing up to the nations of the UN that were not paying their share; he did this forcefully, AND he did it with the other parties interest in mind. We especially see this in the way he deals with the very tricky problem of Putin and Kim. People were upset, especially the left that he was trying to be in rapport with Kim and Putin, that he liked them. This is where he is a genius in manifesting and others are not. He sees the evil, and potential evil very astutely; he also understands the nature of the other parties ego and needs. Kim is a single man doing very evil things, but he is a man with an ego, much less mature and much more insulated than Trump. Trump knows how to use his person and position to appeal to this mans ego, and how to leverage Kim’s weaknesses for the sake of doing good for the world. He genuinely wants to help him, and he worked every angle, including the power to completely destroy him and his power, – in order to bring about peace for the world. Though the following is not a perfect comparison, the situation with Kim reminds me of something in the movie ‘Schindler’s List’, where Schindler very carefully dealt with the nazi general that had power of his realm. Schindler played to this insane man’s needs; he reasoned with him in moments of rationality, but he also took advantage of his vanities and weaknesses to acheive a great good. 
The Trump Train movement is not about trump; he is the leader, but its about the conscience of the people coming alive, and in this God can work and bring about much good.
Trump is also like MLK in that he is doing a great good for the black community. He doesn’t have a consciousness of favoring or disfavoring, he simply does the right thing for the people and respects people to be responsible – and they usually respond with their best self. The left tries to manipulate empowerment by enacting regulations like affirmative action. Affirmative action inherently assumes blacks are disadvantaged and lesser by giving them a handicap advantage. This kind of regulation rarely works, but backfires because it assumes lack, it hinders responsibility and freedom so there is not the need to learn that people grow from. Another example of this is Obama’s bail-outs that were a complete waste of money and had no good effect, but bred and rewarded corruption. These kind of regulations are like introducing an invasive species into a eco-system that causes unseen negative results.  Trump works within the eco system of the free market! Trump upholds the merits and talents of people and their good traditions that breeds confidence and self-agency. This is why people at rallies love him so much, and foreign nations respect him. He demands respect, and gives respect, and he calls out people and nations hidden inequities. He demonstrated this very well in his visits to the Arab countries early in his presidency. You also see in meetings he always praises the good of others, but if there is an elephant in the room he calls it out. Also in official ceremonies he upholds deep traditions that mean a lot to people and that affirms their best self; the weight of his authority makes this very special for people.
       Trump also forgives quickly which is a very important quality in the MLK skill set. There are many examples of this; here is one: During his candidacy Haley said some very bad things about him, potentially undermining him at the time. But Trump saw the good in her, and when he became president he made her the ambassador to Israel, and she has done a great job, showing great courage in standing up to entrenched prejudice against Israel.

          MLK himself was reputed to be a big womanizer, yet he did great good. Schindler was also a big womanizer in his life; he was also money motivated, but God gradually changed his heart to save many Jews. Trump seemed to have these qualities in his life also to some degree, but God grew a rough business man to become a truly great man leading America back to its great identity!

     Notice Kanye didn’t kiss Trumps ass while he gave him the most powerful endorsement ever. Man to man respect from those who walk the walk. Kanye rejected group think and gave recognition to the good Trump has done for blacks and all of the USA. The Left was shocked at his expression of truth to power. What Kanye said costs a lot for a man in his position, but everyone knows African American unemployment is now the lowest ever recorded in the history of our Country. MLK’s idea of non-violence has the same spiritual quality to what Kanye called ‘Dragon energy’. Dragon energy, as Kenya used it, refers to a spiritual bad-ass, like Bruce Lee, which is standing up and respecting one’s own internal genius and that of others. That he invoked this term is great for all people and cultures. What Kanye did was a huge leap in empowering black people and all people; it was great moment of cross cultural integration. This is how the spirit of genuine unity comes about – to see and respect the good and abilities of others. Exactly what trump and MLK are about.

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