November 4th, 2021


Everything the Lord Jesus spoke while on earth was spoken in correspondences. And, everything He did was in correspondences. This means that His words and actions contained an internal sense of meaning, just as every Word of Holy scripture has an external and internal sense. That Jesus did this is unfathomable to the human mind, but contemplating it gives us a glimpse of the actuality of His infinite wisdom. It is the truth of His nature that He is omnipotent and omniscient, and, at the same time – God follows His own laws of divine order. What comes from the will of God is divine truth by nature, and it is eternal by nature. It is immutable that what He wills even on this material earth will come true. This why everything that is written in the Bible has come true and will always be true.
This is why we love and wonder about everything He did. For instance, even the simple action Him writing with His finger in the sand when the people wanted to stone the adulterous woman.
The Lord writing on the earth signified that the the Jewish church was in a state of having adulterated religion. The Lord is always working that the true state of things be revealed to the people and that it have correspondence with heaven. To write in the sand means that they were cursed if they did not change, not that Jesus curses, them but of their own have rejected God and even rejected Him when He was there with them in community. In Jeremiah, there is also this meaning where it says, “They that depart from me shall be written in the earth,” that they were equally condemned on account of adulteries. The pain of seeing them in this state is also why Jesus wept. In order for them to face the truth of where they are at Jesus said, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”
So, the Lord twice writing on the earth in the temple, signified in the spiritual sense, the devastated state of the church due to the adulteration of religion. The Scribes and Pharisees were especially the ones who adulterated the goods and falsified the truths of the Word, and of the church.
This is just one example, but the principle applies to every word in the Bible, and every word that Jesus spoke, and every action that He did. This shows how it is that no matter how much we learn and love in the Bible, we continually come to realize how little we know, and this is a good thing, for it is a built-in protection against pride – for in seeing this we are then humbled, and yearn for the Lord all the more.


November 4th, 2021
     The essential of the church is the acknowledgment of the union of the Divine Itself with the Lord’s Human. Jesus forged this union in the glorification process by which He united His body to His divine soul. This is the most important thing in worship for it is the catalyst that unites our body and soul within us, and at the same time unites us to the Lord. The reason why this is an essential of the church and worship is that the salvation of the human race depends solely upon this union. The Lord came into the world for the sake of affecting this union. In its inmost sense the whole of the Bible is about this, and the rituals of the church are symbolic of this.
     Our state after dying is determined by the quality of love in our soul. And there are three basic practices from our life that effect this, and that are also the basis of Christianity: 1; To acknowledge God in our hearts, 2; To be useful in life and act with care toward our neighbor, and 3; rule one and two must grow together. Neither one is substantial without the other. The marriage of rule one and two is the heavenly pattern, because this is the union of love and wisdom in our soul. The degree to which we have created concordance between them determines our state. In scripture this is expressed this way. “As the tree falleth so it layeth”.
      The extraordinary truth expressed here is that the union – by the example of Jesus – is what counts; it is the effecting factor of all transformation and spirituality. Union is affinity, marriage, concordance, integration. We express this in our common language, in daily life and down to earth wisdom when we say things like: “Ideas without action mean nothing”, “to know is to love”, “think before you act”, “Self-mastery requires technique and spontaneity”, “There is no free lunch”, “Freedom must be fought for”, and many other such statements that might occur to you.
When we do this the affections of our heart are reflected in our face and body language; we are whole-hearted in our actions. If we do good and loving uses for others, but take credit ourselves, not acknowledging the source of all good is God then concordance does not take place in our soul.
When we die the final state of our soul is determined by the level of concordance between our internal loves, and our external actions. At death the Bible says ‘the die is cast’ which refers to the pattern or degree of concordance between or internal and external, or in other words how we have bonded (1) acknowledgement of God, and (2) doing good uses. This concordance defines the form and character of our soul, and in turn our capacity for love and growth for the rest of eternity.
    This principle is everywhere in the Word because it is everywhere in life. The prudent virgins signify those in the church with whom faith is conjoined to charity, and the foolish signify those in the church with whom faith is separated from charity. The parable of the talents is all about this principle also. Talents represent spiritual intelligence, and spiritual intelligence is the result of the effort to marry rule 1 and 2 in our life. The primary theme of the whole Cane and Abel story in the internal sense is to show that faith and charity cannot be separated and when they are it is destructive.
     Now it is wonderful to see how in the principle of union the Lord is entirely just and merciful, because it is up to each person to meet God half-way, to do the work of meeting the responsibilities that come with freedom and faith. We are masters of our own salvation no matter what our situation in life by the choices we make whether one knows of Christianity or not. Swedenborg writes: “It should be known that all who have not separated faith from love, when instructed in the other life, receive the heavenly idea of the Lord, that he is God of the universe. It is otherwise however with those who have separated faith from life”. It is the pattern of union that determines salvation whether we are Christian or not, but this pattern comes from Jesus! This makes us spiritual and able to learn of the Lord once in heaven. So even if a person in their life acted falsely or believed falsely because of the way we were brought up, but acted in good faith toward this falsity, then they can still be saved. Or if a person knows nothing of the Lord because of where they live, as long as they acknowledged God in some way and sought to live a life of good use, they are in the form of heaven. Thus the Lord is entirely just, because it is our own effort to effect union in our soul, however we may believe, that saves.


November 4th, 2021


    From the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, there emerges in the language of the gospels a stark contrast between dark and light in many ways. In reference to our subject here, this contrast is especially seen in the great new view of the cosmos that Jesus introduced that was so different from Jewish tradition. In ancient Jewish thought, the heavens are viewed as hard shells above the earth the “firmament” is literally firm and watertight in Hebrew. It is a ‘raqia’, a hammered-out metallic shell. It protects the earth, which was seen by the ancient Hebrews as a fragile, disc-shaped bubble surrounded on all sides by an infinite sea, as when the windows of heaven were opened at the time of Noah, and the great flood poured down through the firmament and engulfed the earth. Ancient Judaism taught that at any time the bubble could not only be crushed but burst by the forces around it. Ancient Judaism also gradually grew in the belief that there was a terrible hoard of demons and angels behind the firmament.

     But when John baptizes Jesus, the scripture reads: “Behold, the heavens were opened and He saw the spirit of God descending like a dove” (John 1:32). How greatly this contrasts with the people’s traditional view of the cosmos! When the ‘heavens opened,’ instead of a flood inundating them ,or demons plaguing them, a gentle and innocent dove comes down along with the immensely powerful, comforting, and authoritative voice of God. And again, similarly, when Stephen was stoned to death, he said, “Behold, I see the heavens opened and the son of man standing on the right hand of God” (Acts 7:56). Again, this is a great restorative vision of the heavens, a vision of love and protection par excellence for the weary and numb psyche of the people. Imagine the relief, comfort, and sense of liberation for those who witnessed it, or the many who heard the stories.

    In Acts, Peter also sees a vision of the heavens opening: “And I saw heaven opened, and a certain vessel descending upon him, as it had been a great sheet knit at the four corners, and let down to the earth” (Acts 10:11). This prophetic vision transforms his prejudice, as well as the prejudice of his Jewish followers, towards the Gentiles. The vision is repeated to him three times, and he repeats the vision three times to his listeners in order to penetrate the people’s external habit of being. To be able to see the opening of the heavens represents the opening of spiritual sight, which is the essence of Jesus’ mission. At the end, Peter says, “I remembered the word of the Lord, how he said, John indeed baptized with water, but you shall baptize with the Holy spirit” (Acts 11:16). This remembering is a deep and transformative opening of the soul to the internal teaching of Jesus. In these verses, the light and the dark are in their primeval moments of clash and transformation, and the battle ground is the hearts and minds of the people.

HOW IT IS THAT BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE. It must be known that God did not create or cause evil; He merely allows evil because of freedom.

November 4th, 2021
    Jesus – “Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!”
    God did not create evil, Man did. The existence of evil is inevitable with freedom. (This is what the story of the fall is about). Man is the cause of evil. It is important to embrace the truth that God is never anything less than pure love and wisdom. It is abhorrent to even think that the divine could think, create, or be evil. If God were to do evil for an instant the universe would cease to exist – similar to the way in a sun, once it begins to produce iron in its core it is mere seconds away from exploding. God sustains the whole of the universe every moment by his might alone with the same power it took to create the universe. Understanding that God is never less than love seems to be very elusive for many people, but it is extremely important. In Him is infinite variety, infinite wisdom, and infinite love. God is self-contained, and has no need but one, and that is to be of use to mankind.
     Man can only be man, that is, he can only have a self if he is in freedom, and freedom inherently includes the possibility of willing evil – there is no escaping this reality. So as shown in the story of the fall man abused freedom, and it gradually came to be that there is an equilibrium between good and evil and between heaven and hell. Heaven and hell can both influence man, but neither can compel man, for if either were to compel the will of man that would compromise freedom. Many people choose evil. So evil is caused by man, not God, but God allows it so that man can have life. Man’s life exists by virtue of forming a ruling love that he freely chooses.
     An important scripture that speaks to the inevitability of equilibrium in the universe and our choice in determining our place is this: “Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!” The first rule to receiving God is to resist evil. To the degree we reject evil we can receive God and His good.
     In the spiritual world God keeps good and evil separate, and He does so by His might alone – and this is why there is a heaven and hell. Freedom itself is an equilibrium between good and evil. Freedom is both the cause of hell and the only means of Man’s salvation, for the bond with God can only be formed if we meet Him from our own will. Without strife we cannot appreciate harmony, without ugliness we cannot appreciate beauty, without conflict there is no story. There must be contrast and variety for there to be life, growth, and perception. Contrast and variety provide the vitality in life. If everything were monotone, as in a white-out, or black-out, there would be no perception or individual identity. But, as shown, this in no way means God created evil. It is a paradox but we understand and we love and trust in God. God created life – in all its infinite variety – and, He made Man for heaven; but because of sacred nature of freedom, man is free to choose evil and Man abused freedom and life of His own will. So the world is corrupted and we have great need to see God and be redeemed.

Hidden Manna

November 4th, 2021

Apocalypse Revealed (Whitehead) n. 120

That this signifies that to those who conquer in temptations will be given the delight of heavenly love from the Divine Human of the Lord is evident from the signification of him that overcometh, as being those who conquer in temptations.

It good but not enough to believe, and it is good but not enough to love alone; these need to be done together, and then especially done in action. Hidden manna is the Lord because we complete the circuit of doing his will when His will is in our will and we act on it. It comes upon us, and we feel it, but we usually don’t know it till after. This why it is hidden manna; in this life we have all kinds of temptation, selfish desires, bad dreams, strange thought, feelings of lust that inundate us in the world. The world wants us to identify with this, evil wants us to think we are the evil it persuades us with, but we are not these. Just as all good comes from God, and it is for us to acknowledge this, evil comes from the devil and we are not the evil and we are not to identify as it but to ward it off. The hidden manna is to do the Lord’s will in this life, in little or big actions, and in doing this we are inherently rejecting and putting off evil. In doing this we gain great ground and know ourself and know the Lord. There is always more work to be done, faithful to the end, but we can rejoice in the hidden manna manifested. 

120. I will give to eat of the hidden manna, signifies wisdom, and at the same time the appropriation of the good of celestial love in works, and thus conjunction of the Lord with those who work. By “the hidden manna,” which they will have who are in good works, and who at the same time adjoin the truths of doctrine to works, is meant hidden wisdom of a quality like that which they have who are in the third heaven. For these, because they were in good works, and at the same time in truths of doctrine in the world, are in wisdom above other angels, but in hidden wisdom, for it is written in their life and not so much on their memory; therefore they are of such a nature that they do not talk of the truths of doctrine, but do them, and they do them because they know them, and also see them when others speak them. That the good of love is appropriated to them, and the Lord conjoins Himself with those who adjoin truths of doctrine to good works, and thus gives them wisdom in their good, and that this is “giving to eat of the hidden manna,” may appear from these words of the Lord:

    The hidden manna is the same as the bread of God described in the Word: ‘The bread of God is He which cometh down from heaven, and giveth life unto the world. I am the bread of life; your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness and are dead. This is the bread which cometh down from heaven, that he who eateth thereof may not die. I am the living bread, that came down from heaven; if anyone eat of this bread he shall live forever (John 6:31-51).

   From which it is evident, that the Lord Himself is “the hidden manna”. In a spiritual way the hidden manna refers fruitful works when we approach Him alone, that is when we do with a heart for Jesus and acknowledge the good comes from Him alone. Whether we call hidden manna “the Lord” or “the good of celestial love,” or “the wisdom of that love,” it is the same. But this matter is a secret which enters with difficulty into the natural idea of anyone, so long as it is veiled over with a cloud from worldly things; but it does enter when the mind is serene and in the sunshine of love to the Lord.

‘The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth’: Getting to Know The Gentle Self, The Sovereign Self

November 4th, 2021

Jesus – “The meek shall inherit the earth”.

    The meek, or the gentle self, is the internal self. It values its core more than anything for the core self is resourced, it loves and cares. It is resourced because it is connected and obedient to God, and thus receives abundantly. It has no desire to harm or hurt anyone or anything, so it is free. It is good with God, and on solid ground. The gentle self sees; it feels the anger and machinations of evil, but keeps these on the perimeter where they can be felt in a sort of rich field around the core self, a sort of interim place between the internal and external self. Here these feelings can be discerned and thus articulated by the mind. Affections and feelings are felt, read, and understood.

     The gentle self knows that all of hells power is derivative, that hell has no source of its own. It knows that the falsity of hell only has power over falsity. The moon has no source of its own light. Hells power is all deception, fear, and undermining of the sense of self and faith. The derivative forces of hell can do profound damage, but it has no power over good itself whatsoever. The gentle self knows all good comes from God, and that there is no greater power in the universe than divine truth.

  The gentle self does not have to be perfect. It gets angry at evil and rejects evil. If evil gets under its skin it is very painful, and the core self brings all its attention to it and slowly but surely works it out, learning and growing stronger from its loss. The offensive burr is worked out to the perimeter, and now the core self has grown stronger and more experienced. There is no end to the growth; but there is peace, there is trust and fulfillment that are more satisfying than any outer experience.

One of the greatest difficulties is that there are many people who love to get under your skin and cause agitation, pain and humiliation. As these kind of issues are worked out from the past it helps our interactions in the present; and as we grow more skillful in the present the past losses is its grip on our emotions. Now, as you work this out, you see that people who cause pain, people who play undermining games, or who refuse to step out of the external formula of life – you see that they do so because they are in pain, and they don’t want to deal with it. Their pain is thoroughly protected against change. They have made it as if dead, but it is not dead. And this will, no doubt, take place with people close to you, and with some of that we love, and we dearly do not want it to be so. This is very painful to see for oneself. But it must be faced; our love for them is their ‘in’, but we can no longer ignore and take on their pain, and the dysfunction that comes with it. This is not only helping ourself but the only chance of helping them. It is, in truth, not love to take on their pain; though it feels like it (but this is only because it is old and familiar). It doesn’t matter how smart and wonderful they are in some ways, or how good and talented they are at some things, it is a matter of will, and some have purposely ensconced their pain and their life on the matter. 

If it has to do with legal, moral, or safety matters one can force the change of their behavior, which is good to do, but that doesn’t necessarily change their will, though it may, hopefully, in some measure. God himself doesn’t force a person to change their will. He no doubt could, but he doesn’t, because to do so is to extinguish the very ruling principle of their life and freedom. If God cannot, or will not do it, how much less can we.

This is the kind of paradox the gentle-core-self must grow in – in the face of very hard things it grows softer, yet stronger; harmless, yet powerful; open, yet sovereign. To the degree we face the pains and the truths of life – Jesus takes us deeper, makes us more aware, and infills us with love. By claiming our sovereignty in this way we become an agent of God to change things around us. He is always with us from beginning to end, seeking to prepare us for, and give us free gratis, His kingdom.

The Lord Said, ‘Leave Revenge To Me’. How We Can Learn to Let Go of Hate and Revenge as a Christian.

November 4th, 2021
This is a very important question, that goes to the heart of our Christian life and struggle. I hope you will join me in approaching it very sincerely.
As you know the Lord said, ‘Leave revenge to me’. This is very profound. Negative people who are hurt and angry love to put their pain out on others. To seek revenge in kind perpetuates hate in the world. But there is a spiritual way to deal with it in what the Lord has said. We need to make the pain we feel be between us and God, in taking it to God we can regain full self agency. In seeking revenge against the other person we are giving away our self and power. It is not even our real self doing that, but it is a part of ourself that seeks only to fight, hate and protect.
To do this We need to make the distinction between our internal and external self. In God’s divine order our external self is meant to be led by the internal self, just as God leads our true self. Many people are not even aware of these. The internal self is our core self, and the core self is is led by God. To allow ourself to be led by God we must have innocence and humility. The core self is well resourced, it is what the Lord speaks of when he says, ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’. The core self is sovereign; it inherits the earth because it is true to itself and God, and to the degree we manifest it good things come to, and it is skilled at dealing with problems.
The core self seeks to hurt and harm no one, in this sense it is compassionate and gentle in spirit. But it is also very strong, because it is our conscience and seeks truth and to be right with God. Our reactive self just wants to be right for itself no matter what, causes strife and pain. You can tell you are growing when able to make these kind of distinctions within yourself. We are not and will never be perfect, but we can take ourself back from these painful entanglements. As we claim our sovereignty we potentially effect and change old patterns around us, so others are not off the hook at all. This process is its own reward.
So here is what we do. We must take our pain to God and lay it as His feet. We must feel the pain very deeply, examine the desire for revenge; we must feel the hate very deeply and completely as we can, and honestly; as we feel this in deep grief our conscience shows us what we have become, and there is a deep desire to be what we really want to be. Even though we can’t see Him, God is with us all the way, and we come to be able to feel Him.
In truth He is closest to us during these trials of our life! He is our Father, Mother, Friend and Comforter that parents us where we have been abandoned and left alone by others. In experiencing this we know ourself better and let go of that external protector that merely vies and perpetuates pain. We don’t expect ourself to be perfect we just keep growing. We come to see that between the internal and external self there is a ‘rich field’ where we can feel what comes from others and can feel the pain, but not let it in to control our core. It is very important to feel deeply, and then to articulate to ourself what the feeling is about. This brings understanding of how the ‘game’ works. As we understand the cause of pain and the process of dysfunction we see how it works and can stop it and set the borders with others, or stand up to things from a good conscience.
It is little known that all thought is proceeded by affection. Thought is all motivated by the affections that stimulate them, and the mind articulates and defines our direction. So we have deeply meditate on the kind of feelings we want to entertain in our soul. It is important to see that feelings like revenge can be like an addiction, they are sticky and gummy in our soul. We need to dissolve them in the rich field I spoke of many times over to gradually be free of them.

The Internal Meaning of ‘Speaking In Tongues’ as spoke of in the Bible.

November 4th, 2021
    This subject is somewhat controversial, but its good to address all things in seeking the truth in their time and place. I support the providential use of all denominations. Nevertheless, In this blog, as most of you know by now, I seek the internal sense of scriptures, so I am going to freely seek on the matter.
  The idea of speaking in tongues originated from the story of the pentecost, where the Holy spirit breathed on the people, which means heaven was present to them in an extraordinary way. In this exceptional circumstance all the people could understand each other no matter the language they spoke. The ‘Holy spirit breathing on them’ means heaven was opened to them for a moment, and it is the truth of heaven that everyone there can understand each other because their language is expressed and heard from the inner affections of that person, so everyone can speak and understand each other no matter where from. This was an extraordinary situation propelling the New church where many people were converted and received the Holy spirit and deep faith. It was also when the disciples found deep confirmation in what Jesus had taught them and became dedicated christians. But this time is interpreted and applied in a false way to church now. In reality at the pentecost people speaking other languages was from the presence of heaven on earth during a special time, but to try to emulate this now is an external measure. People take it literally; they want to have the miraculous change, when in reality we must do the inner work of changing by gradually bonding with Jesus in life. Those times are are different circumstances, and it is nonsensical hype to try and reproduce it now. What people don’t realize is that at that time is was a time of dis-equilibrium. Disequilibrium is when evil has overrun good in the balance of the world and this is the very reason Jesus had to be born on earth – to correct the imbalance, and thus redeem mankind. Because of the imbalance terrible possessions by evil and the end of the church was at hand, so to compensate for this sensational miracles were allowed to counter the overabundance of evil that accumulated before Jesus birth and that Jesus had to correct, and to establish the New Christian church. (I have shown this in detail in another post). But nowadays sensational measures are not needed. Equilibrium is restored and miraculous measures do not occur in that way. Jesus restored all things, and good and evil are in balance by the power of God. Now we grow in the Lord by being regenerated from evil, by the transformation of our soul by receiving an internal relationship with God in our body and soul, and by receiving His Word.
    Speaking in Tongues may serve people who follow that tradition, but it can be faked. It is very much like a psychic reading. It is something people claim to do within themself, and we cannot see so inside so it is ripe for abuse. Not that it always is, but it is sometimes. People are also hyped into it by the communal belief and pressure to believe. The problems is it was not instituted by the Lord, but it was started by the tradition of man, and, as I showed above, it is misinterpreted in its meaning from the beginning. Man’s regeneration is about increasing his inner connection and body to soul communication, not by sensational and supernatural means, but the work of growth in knowing God that creates the lasting bond with Him. Jesus admonished those looking for ‘signs and wonders’, which means to look for these kind of external sensational means of knowing God. Knowing God comes from approaching him in humility and doing the work of internal transformation. We have to work out our problems and remove inclinations to evil by the gradual process of bonding with Him.
In 1 Corinthians 14: 5 Paul says “I would like every one of you to speak in tongues. They utter mysteries by the spirit”.
   I think the meaning Paul’s words express refers to the ability to look to the holy spirit and to the Word, and in doing so receive perception from within. The Holy spirit is the presence of Jesus, and Jesus is lives in the Word and when we submit to the authority of these the affairs of our life and ability to speak truthfully is magnified. It also gives us the ability to detect what is false within our selves, and false teachings being presented by those who claim to be born again in a ‘single moment’, that is a sensational way. The Holy Spirit does not speak to us directly, or as a voice speaking through us, as is often the case with New Age movements, and the Spiritist’s. The presence of Jesus is an inner teacher, He reciprocally bonds with us in our heart and soul, it teaches us and gives us an ability to speak with spiritual intelligence from our self. When man has a love for the Word, the Lord is able to enlighten those truths within man and thereby give to him the ability to come into an internal understanding, open to an intimate relationship with the Divine Human. This is to speak with new tongues; to receive new life from the internal sense that Jesus teaches and to communicate it to others. Hand in hand with this is the ability to reject evil inclinations in us, and reject the love of self; and there is NO desire in it to glorify our self but to magnify the joy and genius of His teachings. Man is made whole not from externals but from internals, by the gradual work of repentance, reformation and regeneration.
        Swedenborg writes: “Miracles are not wrought at this day as formerly, for they have a compelling influence and destroy freedom of choice in spiritual things, and cause a man from being spiritual to become natural. Since the Lord’s advent, everyone has the capacity to become spiritual, and the source that makes this spiritual is solely from the Lord through the Word”.

Amazing response

November 4th, 2021

I just finished your book “spiritual perversion” and felt compelled to write to you.
I find it quite miraculous that a human being could ever find the strength to provide a testimony of such depths of honesty. You are my hero. 

I’ve spent the last weeks crying and suffering with you as I went along the pages. Your experience echoed my own past of being bullied at school and other un-speakable soul aches. 
It’s been about 20 years since the book was written. At the end of the book, you’re freshly married, expecting another child, you’re a successful businessman and have restored your relationship with your daughter… But how has the story turned out since then ? 
I’m sorry to ask but I feel so attached to your journey of redemption. I loved reading about your childhood and wondered how the “older” Steve had fared with life after surviving this nightmare. 
Hopefully, you’ve been blessed with success and happiness for even if I never met you personally, I KNOW that you are a good man.

The parts of the book that I looked the least forward to read ended up being my favorites and the ones that affected me the most : your life before the cult. It brought me back to those seemingly unimportant moments in one’s childhood, that may even go unnoticed by everyone else, but that create such a powerful wound in our souls that we end up living in reaction to the hurt for the rest of our days. Your book made me realize that this “wound of life” might be more universally shared than it appears on the surface. While your life circumstances were different than mine, I can’t thank you enough for giving a voice to some of my own most intimate and unacknowledged feelings. Different lives, different circumstances, and yet the same inner feelings arose. Wow. I can’t even tell you how many times I went “damn, maybe this sense of alienation from life/the world/people is more common than I thought”. 
I know it’s a weird thing to say but by humanizing yourself, you’ve humanized all of us. This book is just an incredible gift. 
The only question I really have is HOW, how did you find the courage to be so candid and transparent in the public eye ? Frankly, I couldn’t do it in a million years. I mean there are “levels” to “nakedness”, but this tops them all ! Lol. It’s like you’re revealing your most inner secret thoughts. It’s truly admirable. Personally, I’d never have the courage to do it. I’d be too scared that people could turn it against me and use it to affect my reputation, professional life, business, etc. That’s why I said you are a hero. And you really are. By daring to speak out like you did, you helped me embrace my own humanity.


November 4th, 2021

“Jesus answered, ‘You could have no power at all against Me unless it had been given you from above. Therefore the one who delivered Me to you has the greater sin.’”

     Jesus Christ governs both heaven and hell. Satan governs nothing. It is very important to understand that Hell only has power over falsity by the use of falsity; it has to deceive the good to have any control. So in itself evil has no power over good except by deception.

      The Lord is the source of life and of all power and goodness. The life and power of hell is only derivative! Does the moon have any source of light of its own? Hell uses principles of truth and correspondences like magic to influence, deceive and control, but it has no direct power over the good. This is very important to understand because people give hell too much ‘supernatural power’ over themselves that it doesn’t have. Of course this is the trick of evil.

       Human freedom is sacred, otherwise man would have no true sovereign life at all. God is never the cause of evil but he allows evil because of freedom. It is the evil who freely chose to be evil. In hell the Lord governs them by constrictions and punishments, and does not allow the evil to have undue influence over people, that is, the evil cannot compel people to its side. By its deceptions evil is capable of destroying people, but the Lord doesn’t allow this for it would violate freedom.

       In the spiritual world the presence of good can completely suffocate and repel demons, even at a slightest glance from an angel. This is so because the very atmosphere of the spiritual world is a quality of affection. This is hard for people to understand because we are so used to the material world, but in the spiritual world love and wisdom are spiritual substance that compose innumerable qualities of affection. To be in one of the innumerable societies of heaven one must have a kindred quality of love in their soul to that place so they can breath there. So the evil, who are in the opposite love from heaven, have the affection of hate, and cannot even breath in heaven. The spiritual substance of good and evil abhor each other like the same ends of a magnet repel and cannot be put in the same space.

      Jesus Christ is divine love and divine truth itself and there is no greater power in the universe.