Black Lives Matter is a Negative Brand Name that Doesn’t Represent Blacks Well: Its Wants No Part in Forgiveness

Black Lives Matter is a negative brand name that doesn’t represent blacks well. Blacks are in truth one of the best aspects of the America and the American identity. There are too many elements to name; a high proportion of blacks embrace and uphold religion and are great Christians; they are huge in entertainment, music and sports. They breath life and style into our culture and lives. The new generation is open and accepting of all. BLM doesn’t represent this at all.

As Sarah Huckabee said BLM is a political organization, and ‘All Lives Matter’ is a human rights statement. BLM has served the purpose of raising awareness, but they put themselves in the wrong because the are not looking for a solution. Their operation is to intimidate and control peoples minds. Notice how they are making every little thing into a racist issue; at Disney, removing movies, all kind of products like Aunt Jemima. They are putting out that you can’t say certain words, sort of bleaching our culture. They make people think they are racist when they are not. It gets in your head so you have to walk on eggshells. Under the guise of raising awareness they are raising tension and paranoia. Every company feels obligated to put out a statement about their position, and they usually cave to peer pressure. But all this is not how healing works. This is all part of the new world order putting out its tentacles to seep into and control every aspect of society.

In truth, in our jobs, in gyms, at restaurants, all around society the races have been growing and getting along very well. We have been treating each with care and based on merit. But BLM types, in league with New World Order types, want to tell you how you are doing. They stirred up a terrible wave of riots and violence of their won making. They perpetuate white guilt and black victimhood, both of which lead nowhere. The are values that are an albatross around our necks. they do not apply to the current generation, and do nothing but hold people back.

Real healing takes place by first acknowledging that a transgression has taken place. We all know this part about our past. It has been put before us over and over. But we cannot live in the past. In the current atmosphere we have to remember how much progress we have made and how to move forward. After honest acknowledgment we forgive. BLM wants no part of this. Forgiveness is good for the heart. It is essential to the living solution, and brings new vision. It doesn’t look up or down, it brings people closer together, not necessarily in person and not in a pandering way, but from a spiritual sense of humility within ourself.

Forgiveness opens us to God. We all have inclinations to evil. Forgiveness is not pandering or apologizing in the external way some are speaking of but a reaching out to God who sees and removes the inclinations to evil in our body and soul. We have inclination to evil from head to toe, it comes with us from brith. In America we are all equal and have inalienable rights. A sense of forgiveness brings inner strength and a closeness to God and each other in a personal and community way. This truly helps us to respect each others rights even when we don’t agree with others. This is about submitting to the prudence of God, not just using our own prudence. This is the spiritual level and is a necessary part of life in this current situation, and all situations of tension and conflict. The huge problem with the left is they never forgive. They have no intention to forgive because they want to perpetuate problems for the sake of control. The leadership needs to take a good hard look at this truth. The Trump train believes in the American heritage, that we are one nation under God. America tethered itself to God from its beginning and this tethering needs to be renewed in our hearts every day and with every generation. Humility is not weakness but our very source of strength that brings wisdom. Our national emblem shows an eagle holding an olive branch and arrows. Forgiveness is essential to our life. Let us forgive our father and forebearers.


“We have all come together, and we have to come together now. Yes we know what happened in the past. We have to forgive what happened in the past. We are all American Citizens. This is the truth. We are saved by coming together. Forgive our fathers!”

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