Continuation on How the Infinite Largeness of and Infinite Minuteness in the Universe Corresponds to the spiritual Qualities of Heaven

In the last article we proposed that infinite minuteness is made understandable by by the discovery that the universe is expanding at the speed of light. Now I seek to show how this principle corresponds with the nature of the spiritual universe perfectly. First lets ad to the conception of infinite muniteness from a quite by Swedenborg on the subject:

“The statements of angels on this subject are as follows: There can be nothing so minute as not to have in it degrees of both kinds;…a minute thing not consisting of these degrees would be nothing; for it would have no form, thus no quality, nor any state which could be changed and varied, and by this means have existence…because these things are in Him, and all things were created by Him, and things created repeat in an image the things which are in Him, it follows that there cannot be the least finite in which there are not such degrees. These degrees are equally in things least and greatest, because the Divine is the same in things greatest and in things least”. (Divine Love and Wisdom n. 223)

Swedenborg says that there are three degrees in all forms in order for them to be a form. I am not going to do a full discussion on degrees here though it probably warrants it, but I will briefly describe them. They provide an important distinction here because they apply to the spiritual world as much as the physical. They apply on any level such as energy, wave/particles, photons, and all forms. Scientist say that everything is energy at the atomic level so these all come together. Philosophically speaking there are three degrees in everything because for anything to exist it must have a use, and what has a use has a cause, effect, and an end purpose. This is in harmony with the principle of equilibrium in that nothing can exist that is not in equilibrium as I showed in the last article. (I will give a full explanation of degrees in another article for it takes us to far afield from the focus of this article).

It is extremely significant to understand that the form of the creator is repeated in everything created in both its macro and micro principles as we discussed in the first article. If this principle is true then everything that follows from it must be true if we can show his nature in them. There is an innate force from the creator in all things that seeks to manifest in union just as love and wisdom are in union from Him. This innate force arises from the primary cause of all things which is the Holy union between the Lord’s divine body and divine soul; and this striving for union in the nature of God is repeated in all things as the form of equilibrium – for the striving for union results in equilibrium. And if the equilibrium is disturbed in any thing a new state of equilibrium comes about – always and without fail. As an example in the last article we showed that the equilibrium that is in the spiritual sun is repeated in the infinite suns in the natural universe, and also in all things that are in the universe no matter how big or small. This is equally true of heaven, perhaps even more so because everything in heaven is in a more refined state and is the first cause of everything in the natural world. Indeed, in the big picture there is union between the separate worlds of heaven and earth; and this striving for union between them is the cause of the universal principle of correspondences between all things in the spiritual world and the natural world. Thus the principle of correspondence is immutable as the rising of the sun. Nothing can exist in the one that does not have a correspondent to the other in every minutest detail. This is why it is so convincing to gain understanding of the one from the nature of the other.

It is the nature of heaven that it is continual and eternal increasing, not just in size, but in its quality of perfection and joy. For Joy to be joy it must be ever-increasing. There is nothing stagnant in God! If heavenly joy were to reach a plateau it would become stagnant and thus would lose its joy, so it is ever-increasing for eternity. How this can be so is the work and genius of God, but we can see that it is so in principle (and some day we may experience it). The ruling principle of heaven is that the more that enter it the more complete it becomes; and the deeper one enters into it the more room there is! This is counter intuitive from our impressions on earth. This is because earth life is based on time and space, while heaven is based on state of being, that is, our state of love and affection. Love cannot be depleted but increases like a fire of joy that becomes brighter and brighter the more interior it is. And this is not based on abstraction but on feeling and on the skillful sight of wisdom. In heaven all the joy and happiness is based on being of use and developing interior skills. Love is expressed through use. Each person from creation has a special use that contributes to the whole, and as each person becomes an angel they bring ever new elements to the perfection and happiness of all. It is a constellation that keeps mushrooming from every person into a greater and greater perfection and fulfillment. It can be no other way, and this is why I conclude that the natural universe will also eternally expand from every point at the speed of light. In God there is infinite variety, and an infinity of numbers, including the highest form of all which are angels (former people) and each of these are increasing in perfection. This individual increase is in service to each and all. Since there are continually people entering heaven, now and forever, cumulatively in heaven there is an exponential increase as a whole.

What it means to enter our interiors we can understand here on earth from experiences of deep reflection; times when we feel deeply and see that in these feelings there are a multitude of even more insights and feelings; times when we enter ‘the zone’ and everything seems heightened and expanded. It can also be seen in the phrase ‘to enter the rabbit whole’ by which we mean getting deeply involved in a subject and the more we do the more there is. Those who deeply love the Word have often found that ‘the more I know about it the more I realize how little I know’. Truly the Word is the greatest example of this because it is divine truth and in there divine there is limitless truth. This is true because there is no ratio between the wisdom of man (or any angel) and the wisdom of the lord for He is infinite and we are finite.

The Bible describes the eternal and ever increasing nature of heaven: “His authority shall grow continually, and there shall be endless peace for the throne of David and his kingdom. He will establish and uphold it with justice and with righteousness from this time onward and forevermore”. (Isaiah 9:7)

The Bible and Swedenborg tell that the human race will always exist for all time by the providence of God. I believe this means on the many planets throughout the universe:

“During all the days of the earth, seed-time and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night, shall not cease. (Genesis 8:22) “During all the days of the earth” signifies all time.  “And day and night shall not cease” means that Gods guidance on earths and in heaven is eternal. (Swedenborg AC 930)

From his long witness in the realms of heaven Swedenborg describes how the infinity of heaven is both in real quantity and in spiritual states, and that heaven is structurally in the human from in all its detail:

“The immensity of the heaven of the Lord is shown in this, that heaven in its entire complex reflects a single Man, and corresponds to all things and each thing in man, and that this correspondence can never be filled out, since it is a correspondence not only with each of the members, organs, and viscera of the body in general, but also with all and each of the little viscera and little organs contained in these in every minutest particular, and even with each vessel and fiber; and not only with these but also with the organic substances that receive interiorly the influx of heaven, from which come man’s interior activities that are serviceable to the operations of his mind; since everything that exists interiorly in man exists in forms which are substances, for anything that does not exist in a substance as its subject is nothing…This correspondence can never be filled out because the more numerous the angelic affiliations are that correspond to each member the more perfect heaven becomes; for every perfection in the heavens increases with increase of number; and this for the reason that all there have the same end, and look with one accord to that end”. (Heaven and Hell, n. 418)

Swedenborg describes how all in heaven continually increase overall in their state of joy: “Those that are in heaven are continually advancing towards the spring of life, with a greater advance towards a more joyful and happy spring the more thousands of years they live; and this to eternity, with increase according to the growth and degree of their love, charity, and faith”. (Heaven and Hell 414)

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