Dalai Lama: “Europe Belongs to The Europeans”. A Foreign Policy of Common Sense and Spiritual Genius

September 14th, 2018

The Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, said Wednesday that “Europe belongs to the Europeans” and that refugees should return to their native countries to rebuild them! Sometimes common sense is spiritual genius.

The Dali is right! and in line with Trump’s foreign policy! Trump articulated his position very well during his Iran trips, and at the UN. He said that he is not in the business of trying to set up democracies in other countries. He also said he will not provide aid to countries that are terrorists and that are not trying to help themselves, but that he we will help those that seek good, need it, and are willing to be our friends. Its the right thing to not seek to impose democracy on others, but instead to help countries get rid of the evil elements within them; and it is also right to let countries nurture their own culture and identity. The irony is that by doing this the people will always naturally want democracy and freedom – as you see in Iran, Korea, China and many other places. The fight against Islam is one of awareness primarily. The PC efforts of globalism, multiculturalism and the spread of Islam are being done from the machinations of evil; they presume on, and push a socialistic way; they persuade the people with a PC ethos that poses as good will, but it is based on ideology of false compassion that harbors ill-will and the desire to rule. On the whole they are sheep in wolves clothing, and once they have power they don’t just persuade but use force. It is in the DNA of Islam to increase their population and in time dominate and over-rule their host. Globalist and socialists want the same thing except not based on their ethnic/religious motivation but from an insidious spirit that is masked in globalism and socialism. Their problem is they only have the power of persuasion, deception and marketing; they infiltrate the politics and power structure of their host in a very determined way, but they do not have the power of Gods’s will in the people and when the people see and feel their freedom threatened there is no greater power than the will of a man who fights for his freedom. The people in this country are mostly awake now, it is the media that may dominate the ‘air waves’ to a large degree, but this is false light, it does not move the heart, it only snows the mind. The Dali Lama is right – people want to be free, sovereign, and fulfill the destiny of their born identity. This is of God. We must know ourself and have a strong center, and from there we can truly know others from a place of strength, and then help others. A drowning man cannot save another drowning man.

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