Description of The Democrats Devious Methods and How they Abuse Democracy – And Why It Is Not Working (Hint – The Magic Wand)

The democrat method: Fabricate charges against opponents with lies and half truths. Bring actual legal charges against them based on these fabrications. Then blanket the media with propaganda claiming the target is a bad person, and criminal because they have charges against them. Smear the person at every step of a high profile trial. Then blame the person and GOP for the division in politics and in the country -that they caused. Repeat the process over and over and multiply with every threat that comes up – and then repeat again and again.
This method, which the dems constantly use, if successful, is the destruction of democracy. It is a total abuse of due process. This is exactly what the forefathers feared – that the evil minded would leverage the margins in democrat rules, fair play, and legal process to undermine and destroy democracy. Democracy is based on the people having a reasonable degree of fair mindedness, and fair mindedness depends on people respecting the divine (In God We Trust).
But the dem method is not working because of ‘the magic wand’, which Obama and the dem leaders know absolutely nothing of. The downfall of the evil ones is that they are by nature external minded. Even the ones that know about religious and spiritual things only do so for the sake of appearances, manipulation, control and power. The external minded no nothing of the internal, only that it’s out there. They can use their techniques with great success (even to the destruction of mankind), but their way inwardly rankles people with common sense and a conscience. What the evil minded do is not based on truth and freedom, but uses compulsion – which is the opposite of freedom and against divine order. Just as the liberal leaders abuse the rules of democracy, demons in hell use anomalies in the principles of correspondences to create magical arts far beyond the capabilities that we see the dem leaders using.
As savvy, ambitious, controlling, and determined as leaders of the new world order are they only have the power of force and deception. Their goal is irrational so they have to persuade with propaganda, force and lies. Evil people want to rule, they want others to suffer pain, ignorance and despair, and the logical end of all their efforts is the destruction of the world and that they will be like God. In the deepest hell everyone actually thinks they are God. It’s like in the movie Infinity War, the closer one comes to believing they are God, the more insane they become. Everyone in the deepest hell thinks they are God and they punish each other.
A person with a conscience doesn’t do what the democrat leaders are doing. It’s good to be aware of these things to examine in ourself if and when these motivations come up, and in becoming aware of it to abhor it.

Trump strategies are all working in tandem to have a Profound effect in creating our incredible boom economy and it will only get better as the trade deals kick in and the border wall gets built; and also as the tariffs and taxes take root. Our quality of life is getting better. Amid impeachment nonsense Trump passes a huge infrastructure deal that will improve our roads, bridges etc. We are also building pipe lines and our energy independent. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Too much winning? We want more winning

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