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Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Trump Is Not a Great Christian. The People Chant ‘We Love You’. Enthusiasm Means God Within!

The People: “We love you! We love you!”

Trump: “Thank you. Don’t say that I’ll start to cry and that wouldn’t be good for my image. You don’t want to see me cry! I’ll start to cry… this happened the other day.”

Friends, be confident, we are going to win the house, the senate and the presidency – and most of all the good will of the people, the greatest currency on earth – for God is in His people! Trump has earned the good-will and enthusiasm of the people like no-one before. Enthusiasm means God within. It must be clear to all now the dems have no enthusiasm – because they do not care about God, much less look to Him or submit to him. The dems, of their own doing, have decimated all their integrity. They have done this of their own will. They lay like litter over the house floor, just trying to trip others doing their work. BLM is written like a dark smudge from below across NBA courts and streets in the city. They dig their own grave.


Don’t let anyone tell you Trump is not a Christian and does not love God. I think he knows and loves God far more than most Christians, because he loves the Lord and submits to the Lord in heart and deed. The people see – They chant ‘We Love You!” because they see God within and in his deeds and the fruit of his labor. Don’t let anyone tell you America is not a Christian nation! The identity of America is deeply rooted in submitting to God – the fountain from which strength and wisdom springs. Freedom, the constitution, the American Republic are all from the wisdom of The Word, and these only work by being tethered to God. There is no other way.


    The people have profound enthusiasm for Trump because they know the movement of God when they see it! Trump is the greatest of Christians because he is demonstrating a profound principle of the Word. It is good to believe, and it is good to love God, but these can dissipate if we don’t put them into action. When we take the step of putting our faith and love on the line in action, then the bond with God takes place and increases each time we do. It’s an ongoing effort in this world, a battle we gladly take on with composure. When we don’t it is in danger of dissipating in us. Trump has demonstrated this in spades for all with eyes to see. The greatest sign of a man God is using is that he stands up to, exposes, and defeats evil. Has not evil, deep from the trenches, been exposed in America like never before, and is it not driving them to more and more insane measures by which they are destroying themselves? It is a profound truth that God can only enter us to the degree we reject evil. God wants to enter America and you, so he is providentially working a purge of evil so He can enter.


Praise God! Jesus is God, the Holy one who is highest and lowest, He is our friend, our Father, our Mother, our Comforter and our Hero. He is very close to us always. ‘He who is last shall be first’. God can only be known as a human being, the divine human. There is no such thing as an amorphous cloudy supreme being. Jesus is with me and loves me more than I can possibly know – in every particular way; and the same is true for everyone!

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  • Jesus sees evil coming and provides good. No good deed goes unpunished, Trump has been a punching bag for these democrat Pharisees who see good as evil and vice versa. Crucify they scream and the good of our country be damned in dem eyes. Lovers of the world and power are rearing their ugly heads trying to spin their fake news and make down appear up. Socialism has a proven track record of destruction but they could care less as long as they can fool the people and win the honor in the eyes of humans. A corrupt media is the only thing keeping Biden in it. Capitalism is a system of incentive, freedom, and pulling oneself up by my own bootstraps. The charity can enable dark forces, if i help my enemies i am hurting myself. They are burning looting and shooting and the Dems bail out cancer. An autoimmune disease attacks its own body, a system designed for health gets perverted to taking the health away from the body. Antifa uses our own freedoms against us. The good that will come out of this is it wakes people up to danger, republics rise and republics fall but not this one I pray.