Episode of Geek Spirituality

December 26th, 2014

A good friend of mine and I visited a comic store resently. He is a genuine geek in the best sense. He is young, good at tech, super knowledgable about comics and super-heroes; he is not very athletic, raps about Christian faith and things like pokeman, and plays a weekly dungeons and dragons game. He does funny things like let his wonderful blind friend cut his hair and then later asks me, “how does it really look?” (not good).

At the comic store there was a young black guy that was very friendly and super geeky. You could easliy tell because he was in deep, serious discussion with a girl there about Superman and Batman. I posed a question to them about somethng I was wondering about; so they both could hear I asked, “What is the force that gives superman the propulsion to fly?” They both with great enthusiasm began conjecturing on the answer to this in a way that took me completely out of the conversation, which was fine with me, because I delighted in watching their excitement and ideas. They came up with something like this: On Kripton the inhabitants have a much greater density in their body and thus greater strength, especially those who are born to be warriors. Kripton is a much harsher planet and has a higher force of gravity making their bodies stronger. On earth superman’s body has the capacity to drink in the suns rays at a very high level because his boy is highly attuned to it from being on Kripton and our sun is younger and stronger; plus our gravity is less. This combination of factors exponentially increases the power in his body to the point he can effect the micro-climate of the gravity in the air moluclues around him. The power in his body, which is attached to his will, taps into the atomic energy in the atoms in the air around him. He effects the wave/partical nature in the atoms to become momentarily more wavelike. This suspends gravity before him and allows him to draw on the unaffected air around him to propel himself.
I thought this was a pretty amazing explanation and very believable. My mind being atuned to Christ allegories this explanation reminded me of a couple of episodes in the gospels. In Gosthemane when Jesus is betrayed and the soldiers are about to take him he turns to them and they all fall back to the ground. It is as if he flexed he power of divine truth within him and the power of it sent hem falling. He could do that at any time, but he only did when it was necessary. Similarly after he announced he is the Messiah in the sinogogue and the people in a rage walked him down to the cliff to throw him over, he turned and they all of a sudden were powerless and he walked through them and was gone.

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