The Ever Increasing Joy of Heaven in the Church of the New Jerusalem Described

His authority shall grow continually, and there shall be endless peace
for the throne of David and his kingdom. He will establish and uphold it
with justice and with righteousness from this time onward and forevermore (Revelation).

This scripture speaks to the the church of the new Jerusalem in which we are now. (This scripture specifically refers to the second coming, which in another blog I have shown has already happened). The promise in this scripture is that never again will there be a breach in the equilibrium between heaven and earth – on a cosmic level and all levels this is a great message of Good news! It doesn’t mean things are going to be easy, but it is a very different message than the doom and gloom view of those who only think from the literal sense of the word. The power and wonder of heaven will never be compromised again, and it will never end. In contemplating this it is important to understand that there is nothing stagnant in the divine nature of the Lord – in Him there is infinite variety and infinite wisdom. Inherent in his nature there is a quality of ever increasing growth and joy. For joy to be joy, and happiness to be happiness, it can never be stagnant, but ever-increasing. In ‘The Last Battle’ C. S. Lewis expresses this conception of heaven with the phrase ‘the further in the more the space’. This is consistent with Swedenborg’s descriptions; the further into the interior of heaven one goes the more astoundingly fulfilling it becomes. Heavenly happiness is based on useful activities that are an expression of love. This means the heavenly happiness comes from continually developing interior skills; to always be becoming. This does not mean there are not times of set-back in angels lives. Swedenborg writes that the angels have changes of state up and down. The angels still have hereditary evil latent in the soul so they are always growing and being perfected for eternity. The hereditary evil in angels is pushed to the perimeter of their being thus held latent by the Lord. Swedenborg tells stories of angels that have in some way become lost, and in order to learn, they are let into an awareness of their hereditary evil. Seeing the evils that are still in their soul they become profoundly humbled and yearn to return. The overarching principle of heaven (Swedenborg writes) is that the more people that enter heaven, the more complete heaven becomes. This single statement says a great deal. It implies that every person has a unique use they contribute to heaven, and in this use (unique to them, but connected to all) there is great fulfillment; collectively then, the joys and wonders there are in a state of constant increase for eternity, for there will be new angels entering heaven for eternity.

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