January 30th, 2016

Below is a friend’s, who is a political expert, statement about politics now. I don’t agree with much of what he says but it is interesting and revealing about how many think. After is my reply.


Looks like Trump’s moves regarding the debate and his own event — and the amazing skill with which his team put that event together – will clinch his win in Iowa.   Trump will also win New Hampshire and South Carolina.  Hard to see how anyone stops Trump then.  However, Reagan gained momentum against Ford in 1976 and almost won the nomination.  So anything’s possible.


Our country has descended in a sort of madness.

A nativist demagogue who hurls personal insults at anyone who challenges him is weeks away from taking over the Republican Party.  Democrats are choosing between the morally, ethically and legally compromised Clintons and a gruff old registered socialist.


I see all this as a result of decades of titillating and entertaining ourselves, including treating politics as entertainment.  (Was there even one coherent sentence in Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump?)  Few people have even the most basic understanding of our political system or our economic system.  Few people can analyze and reason about evidence and facts.  America’s just two mindless warring tribes, fueled by resentment and anger.


The Bernie Sanders folks resent anyone with wealth, and ignore our $500 billion deficit as if money grows on trees; they would lead us to destruction like the socialists led Greece to destruction.  They refuse to make distinctions between right and wrong for individuals, only corporations.   I can find $400 billion per year to cut out of the federal budget.  They can’t find $1.


Most conservative Republicans hate government and are utterly indifferent to the poor and the ill; they would slash programs in a way that would cause millions of people to suffer horribly and to die prematurely.   They think everything about individuals is a moral matter, ignoring that upbringing, level of development, level of functionality, level of psychological wellness, and the workings of the brain are all factors too.  And they look the other way every time a business harms people, even thru fraud.


And all of them in both tribes are nauseatingly self-righteous.  And hypocritical.  Angry that China is eating our lunch economically?  Stop shopping at Wal-Mart!  And turn off your damn TV and help your kids with their math and science homework!  Worried about climate change?  Get a car that uses clean fuel and put solar panels on your roof!  Walk your talk.  Stop whining and raging and do something.


Our democracy has descended so far now.  I am so disturbed by it all that I am left stunned, traumatized, and speechless.




Hello, this is interesting and sounds very honest. I agree with you about socialism, but think you are way too pessimistic. For the very reasons you give the best thing that could happen is Trump, because he is not a politician and will emphasize freedom in the market, build business, and protect the country against evil. That is what we need; the American spirit will do the rest. I don’t think there is any need to be so pessimistic. The real reason for all this is that people have deeply invested in an avoidant leader, who falsely promises entitlement and free rides, but actually penalizes. This is the real psychosis, but now people are seeing through it, and want to take responsibility for their lives and safety and this is healthy, this is why they are angry and it is a good anger. It is an anger that is fighting for its life and identity. What you call the loss of will in entertainment is the dissociative impulse, and now it is very healthy that masses of the people of all nationalities are coming out of it. The essential trait that must come with freedom is responsibility; this is what builds the soul and the spirit. Obama fed the sickness and now people see that he is a sham that has no idea what he is doing.

The good thing is that Trump himself is not the answer; he is not a savior as Obama meant to people, but an ass who will do the right things to restore freedom. He is a businessman who will not dole out free rides. He also actually cares about people unlike you seem to think, and he has a heart for America. He wants to win and wants to succeed and restore Americas self esteem. These are things that the spirit of the people can ride back to responsibility in their own lives and this will make America great.


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