Fighting For the Soul of America

I don’t think Obama and Hillary will be remembered well. They appeal to the dissociative impulse, that is, they tend to give the illusion that they will give people a free ride, but when it comes down to it – it doesn’t work. Americans want freedom and find satisfaction by being responsible, developing skills, and making a meaningful difference by working and achieving goals. This is what presidents like Reagan, Roosevelt and Kennedy talked about and exemplified and they are remembered well for. They challenged America to greatness. Short sighted leaders like Obama, Harry Reid may make a lot of headway, but only because human nature likes to feel we are going to get things the easy way, but it is a hollow fulfillment. These leaders have the wrong idea about America.
This reminds me of what happens to people who have the wrong idea about heaven. Many people think of heaven as being on a pleasure holiday; heaven is indeed joyous, but it is based on internal joys, and all internal joy comes from use, and being responsible for our freedom. External pleasures quickly become very dissatisfying and those in them are quickly at each other’s neck, and find they are not in heaven at all. Heaven is the joy of being useful to and for the sake of others, and this joy is eternally expansive growing in abilities and love.
The real issue is that those who lead others to take the easy ride, to dissoiciate from responsibility, inwardly know it, even if they are not completely conscious of it. In other words they have hidden ill-will, and one can never get anyone who is in this state of ill-will and denial to cooperate with what is good and right. They don’t want to. So those who try to appeal to the dissociative impulse in others do not have others best interest at heart. On an even deeper level those who do this, especially those who purposely use ideology and religion to intimidate and justify, are using their energy against the divine order of things; and when we willfully use our energy against divine order, we gradually become less and less rational, because to do so is irrational.
For instance, not knowing his perspective, I once told a friend I knew from college that I loved George Bush for the way he responded 911. I felt he expressed the deep values and best of America and how to protect it in a good way. His response was that I was insane to say that, and he insisted that I only say it because I had a desperate need for a father figure. He believed that America deserved 911 because it had been bullying the world for too long and it was America’s fault. This response implies that my idea is wrong because of my psychological reason for it. I believe his attitude in this is irrational.
I thought about how he said I believe what I do out of psychological need, and realized there is truth in it, but only a small truth. The bigger truth is that any good president is a good father figure. A good father protects their own. They are trustworthy, and one needs to know they have ones best interest at heart. This is a good thing. Psychologically, every person is inwardly seeking to repair the image they have of the father and mother, so that they can have a good image inside themself of protecting, loving father and ultimately God. If we can’t repair it in reality with our parent, then we do it by the work we do in life. Having this image or feeling inside is a basic need, and helps make the world a place worth living in; it incorporates a sense of self agency, that we can do good in the world, and its a safe place to live in. A good president helps with this.
The divine order of things is this: God first, then country, community, and family. Most any military man or woman knows this. He is there because he is willing to sacrifice his life for his country. We can see it is true because he is away from his family doing his job fighting for his country and our way of life, that is what a military man or women does, and then they come back to family. Its a lot to sacrifice. The great hero Chris Kyle expressed this in the movie ‘American Sniper’. He loved his country, he saw terrorists attack our country in 911 and he felt he could go do something about it. How many of us feel like that when we see these atrocious attacks as happened in San Bernadino! He did it. That makes him and all military men and woman heroes. It takes a lot of strength and self-discipline to do it in the right way and with a good conscience. America fights within the rules of fair play, often hamstringing our self, even if not always perfectly, but we have a conscience. Chris Kyle said, “I can go before my creator and answer for every shot I took”. Swedenborg writes that ‘those who love and serve their country, when they enter heaven, the Lords kingdom becomes their new country’.
In the movie ‘American Sniper’ one of Kyles friends begins to lose the sense of meaning in what they are doing. Kyle says to him, we are here for ‘God, country and family… you want to sit this one our’, because his friend showsed inward dissention and doubt. Kyle says ‘your not getting weird on me are you?’. Later the man dies and writes a letter expressing his lack of belief in what he was doing. With this episode Clint is making the point as I said earlier, that when we lose our sense of purpose, our heart is not whole, and we are in danger of losing our way. We need to take time to get our heart Straight with God.

God’s mission is to see that evil is not hidden, but is revealed. If it goes unseen then it can not be removed, – like cancer that is undetected. But when we see it, it puts a fire under our ass to change.
So there is a lot at stake in who we get as the president. It shows what we value. For me and so many others having a poor figure in the office like Obama, who doesn’t have the will or belief to protect our country, and at the same time having terrorists in our country – is a seminal moment. It reveals the evils in ourselves and the evils right under our nose, and people are rising up to do something about it. I think all this is part of the reason Trump is popular. He is the polar opposite of Obama. He says what we feel right now and its important we have a figure like him. Who knows in the end who will win, we may have someone more level headed like Rubio, but we need to fight for the soul of America, and a president who leads the way.

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