Getting Our Balls Back as a Nation – Trump Man of the Year

America will get its heart and Balls back this year, after the heartless, deceptive, un-American ways of Obama are now seen by majority. Even as we feel and mourn the losses in our identity as a country, we have a growing hope emerging. Facing the shame of this pain is helping us get the fighting spirit back that we need; it is motivating us to get back to sound principles; principles that have deep roots in our history and constitution, and that can move forward with real compassion, not the false compassion of socialistic free rides. We are Americans and democracy and capitalism bring out the best in us. Why? because they maximize freedom and the human soul needs and yearns for the creativity, and the self-motivation of freedom. We can only help others when we are strong and protect the greatness of our identity. Democracy and capitalism require spiritual intelligence; we are most alive in the expression of spiritual intelligence. It requires we care about others, yet compete with others, that we are fair, and tolerant, yet constantly sharpen our personal life and business skills. Democracy and Capitalism develop the best results on the free market. What is so important about democracy and capitalism that people don’t think about is that they make it much harder for evil to hide. Of course there is evil here in our system and our people, but the worst thing that can happen is evil goes unseen for then it becomes like undetected poison in the blood. When evil begins to win over here it pisses people off and we talk about it and expose it and change it. It is the American way to call a spade a spade, and the PC culture, vaguely socialistic ways that have crept over America have stifled our soul. Trump is popular because he is the figurehead that gives confidence that we can get our balls back. He is popular because he reflects what we need, and he builds confidence that we can do it. Bam

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