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The Glorification: How the Lord Jesus made His Human Divine Truth

There was a parrellel process by which the Lord made his human divine while He was in the world. I described before how He made his human ‘divine good’ in the glorification process; now I will described how he made his human ‘divine truth’. The process by which he made his human divine truth has to do with the Word because the Word is divine truth in its internal. Swedenborg writes that the Lord gradually became the whole of divine truth while in the world by the actions of his life, particularly each time he fulfilled the prophecies about himself made by the prophets in the Word:
Because the Lord, by the assumption of a natural human, made himself divine truth in outmosts, he is called the ‘Word’, and it is said that ‘the Word was made flesh’; moreover, divine truth in outmosts is the Word in the sense of the letter. This the Lord made himself by fulfilling all things of the Word concerning himself in Moses and the Prophets. For while every man is his own good and his own truth, and a man is a man on no other ground, the Lord, by the assumption of a natural human, is divine good and divine truth itself.

When Jesus declares in the sinigogue the words, ‘This day the scriptures are fulfilled’, we realize that He is the fulfillment of the prophesies about the Messiah. It is an extraordinary moment that is the culmination of centuries of prophecy and preparation, and is the convergence of the divine truth of the Word and the divine embodied. As we discussed in the beginning the Word is the divine truth that has been accomodeted down to humans by discreet degrees. It manifests on earth in the form of the published Bible through revelation given to the prophets and disciples, (Swedenborg writes that this was sometimes done by divine dictation). In the Bible of the Old testamant it is prophecied that the Messiah will come and He will accomplish deeds that will redeem all humanity. The Lord came into the world and lived all that was prophecied about him. Thus He embodied divine truth, and fully became divine truth in fulfilling each and every one to the last one which took place on the cross. This is why He is the living Word; He lived it, He embodied it, and He became it. This is not a metaphor, but a historical accomplishment that was centuries and centuries in the making.
We can understand this from a truth we have all heard in common language: ‘A man or women becomes what they do’. We become what we believe, will, and do. This is because our soul is composed of our will and understanding. When we are stripped away of all the externals, as we will be when we die, we are left with what we really love and believe, and this is what forms our internal soul. Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies which are divine truth, therefore He became divine truth. Here is another angle to look at this: by being born in the natural world of earth He separated himself into an external and internal, which is the situation of all humans who are born. By progressively fulfilling all prophecy in the Word to the end, He brought the external (His body) and His internal (His soul) into perfect union, known as the Holy marriage between His divine essence and human. In the resurrection there was no more separation; his physical body became divine, for that which merges with the divine is divine, and there is only one divine. When you break metal in two, and then weld it back together, the weld becomes the strongest part. His presence and power were upgraded by the crucible of the glorification process. He became what He did, and what He did in his life is fulfill the prophecies, overcome all temptation, subjugate all the powers of evil by Himself by astounding acts of love and power. We take all this now as a foregone conclusion, but He risked everything by coming here. The fate of the universe was in a little baby. All of His life the Lord only willed love and mercy toward all human beings, spirits and angels, – no matter what was put upon him.

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  • I appreciate the allegory of the Christ and his transmogrification. My deepest memory is of being assured that GOD made a way for the light to shine and remind us of what we were created to be. In the image and likeness of both he and she we are made. I think Jesus life after the tomb offers greater revelation for me. The crucible of purification is important. When the Great Divine pours itself into the vessel, all impurity is burned away and only the refined remains. Without the deep spiritual introspection and reflection requires to experience the Divine in form, we must cleans and purify ourselves. Otherwise, the resultant damage is unavoidable. The Christ achieved the means and the way to fulfill the will,of GOD and become the evolutionary soul presence in form. It took many years of practice and sacrifice before he appeared before the masses and became known. The Glory road is what came next. That’s the story I am waiting for you to reveal.

  • Crucible purification importance verification. I liken it to the scene in Raiders if the Lost Ark when the Nazis capture the Ark and try to use its power. What is not pure, is magnified and then absorbed/destroyed by the pure nature of the Divine. While the ark is boxed and stored among other things, the swastika is purified by the energy of the ark within and just burns away.

    It is the same in spiritual practice. Without preparing the vessel, when the Divine descends, what is not worthy or noble is simply burned away. Meaning, if we are impure, nothing will be left of us. If we have done the work, the vessel holds and the Indwelling GOD magnifies it’s residence within.

    The process itself is exquisitely painful. It is as though one is being electrocuted and every fiber of being is a light! Agony and ecstasy. Similar to an upgrade in a game. New awareness. Greater capacity for the Divine to dwell and operate through the purified vessel.

    Yes. We must do the work!

  • Hi Steve, I stumbled across your website just now and read the piece on the Glorification. I am a careful reader of Swedenborg for 30 years or so. Are you in California? Are you connected to any of the Swedenborgian organizations? Have you read “Spiritual Christianity” by C.A. Tulk? I would be happy to have some correspondence with you about theological issues.

  • Hi Steve,
    Have you read “Spiritual Christianity” by C.A. Tulk?
    In my opinion, this work, which is a compilation of excerpts from Swedenborg, with commentary for emphasis, raises fundamental issues about how to understand the doctrine, and is a must read for anyone who takes Swedenborg seriously.
    I have been a Bible thumper my whole life, and found Swedenborg in a used book store while in college, at age 22. I have a long familiarity with the various organizations. I am married 24 years, two sons in college. I am open to direct email contact.
    peace, David