Greatness of Constitution for Life and Freedom

Constitution based on freedom and responsibility. It champions the fighting spirit in people, and tethers our nation to God and fair play. Freedom, responsibility are married in the constitution, which gives the greatest place for passion and goodness to flourish. In democracy and capitalism under the constitution both good and evil have to win on the free market, which allows Gods plan and presence to be in greater light, because evil can not so readily hide in this system, and good shines brighter. For instance, when we see men like Obama disrespect the constitution it is hurtful, but it also fires our passion to uphold it. In Socialism and communism the fighting spirit is watered down. These systems believe in relativism, which justifies being lukewarm. The Lord asks us to be hot or cold. Being lukewarm is the passionless , just seeking a free-ride, dissociating from life. The constitution is the opposite, it leads us to be on point, and to develop spiritual intelligence, goodness and fairness, to use our spiritual gifts from God. The Declaration states that we have enalianable rights given to us by God. The reason America is great and exceptional is because we declare as a nation that we are under God. The declaration and constitution are covenants with God made by the founding fathers, and by all who honor this agreement. This has made America a spiritual and moral light to the world, and to continue in it we must honor and uphold it.

      Jesus told Thomas, ‘you know the way’. We know the way by the gifts in our soul given to us by God. 

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