Guest Post by Raquel Martin on the Impeachment Hearing: He Who Points the Finger – How Turley Brought Sanity To the Face of Those Who Would Destroy Our Constitution


During the first hearing phase of the impeachment, the President has not missed a beat to do the work that he promised the American people.  He and his cabinet have been conscientious in fulfilling their obligations to protect and improve America. All this was accomplished even while having to listen to affectations of prayerful sanctimonious platitudes.  Nevertheless, the President continues to forge ahead in battle allowing America to prosper.  His hard work and good deeds continue even while the House cooks up crimes and misdemeanors for which they themselves have been found guilty of for some time.  As youngsters playing in the school yard, we all learned early not to point fingers, because if you do, THREE fingers point back at you!’

The result of all this has caused a political distraction of what seems to have reached a level of an out-of-control storm with the impeachment of President Donald Trump being in the eye of the turbulence.   Initially, some viewers  tried to suffer through these proceedings as one political force  tried without proof to convince the public their alleged ground rules were superior over another.                            

For much too long we have been seeing and  hearing the media, academia and leaders in the democratic party cling together as they occupy progressive issues that have become mainstream news.  On the other hand, President Trump’s basic message presents a deeper knowledge of what the people need at this time.  by means of guidance from his intelligence team and vast experience  he has a  more thorough understanding of how to keep Americans employed, safe and the economically sound.  His focus is steadfast on the statutes and values that are written up in the Constitution and this has been resonated and witnessed by the peoples’ vote in  2016.

Since the results of this election did not help the mainstream dogma, the only path that would help their cause is Impeachment of the President.  These hearings began with four scholars of constitutional law, who were summoned as witnesses.  Among those invited was Jonathan Turley, a professor at the George Washington University Law School. His involvement left an impression on many viewers    He seemed to be the only witness whose testimony was truly grounded in law.  And the reason for this article.  

Professor Turley’s noble character elevated the entire discussion as he demonstrated a spirit of justice and objectivity to the otherwise partisan lawyers.  All four of the professors clearly knew a lot about the American Constitution, but Turley seemed to be the only one  aware of the significance of the principals upon which they are based.  He also  gifted us with his wisdom and honesty by transporting our thoughts  into a higher degree of  patriotism taught by the  Founders of our Constitution.  As he spoke, the sphere in the room was elevated and brought to mind great men, such as Abraham Lincoln, John Adams and others  known for his candor and integrity.

 If you did not hear him testify, it was one witness well-worth listening to.  Professor Turley was picked by the  republicans because he was an expert legal witness and he was the only bi partisan witness.  He also did not vote for Trump. His testimony was quite a contrast, as compared to the other side of extremely partisan innuendos throughout the house hearings.

What was even more  significant than being a fierce defender of the Constitution, Turley was also called as a legal expert to articulate what the legal standards are  and whether those standards were met at the hearing.  As a Professor of law, he explained to the American people clearly what the Constitution means and, in particular, what the legal standards are for impeachment.  And from his extensive professional experience, he found that at this time those legal standards for impeachment of President Trump have not been met.  

As a scholar of the Constitution it was refreshing to hear factual information so articulately stated. He explained why “impeachment in this case is wrong…”  and  how this would be a dangerous precedent that could put an end to any legal debates in the future.  Professor Turley continued to say, “This is not how you impeach an American President.”  There are many important considerations that have been ignored such as: “UN-subpoenaed witnesses with material evidence, and to impeach a President on this record could make it easy to impeach any future president.”

To many viewers, the very reasons our Constitution was created in the first place was to protect individuals from oppression and the use of  law as a political weapon. However, at these proceedings, such principals vanished and were not even spoken of in Congress. The entire proceedings were loaded with hippocracies, contradictories and inconsistent allegations.  

The framers of our Constitution were influenced not only by their experience with British rule and of course philosophers like John Locke, but also by their own religious heritage, specifically the Ten Commandments. Several came to mind that were broken during the hearings: “Coveting” is one and “bearing false witness” is another. No one needs to be religious to see the essential value of these rules. Without conforming to them our entire legal system becomes part of the swamp.. The commandment clearly distinguishes between dishonesty to spare other people’s feelings and lies told under oath in situations where their word has permanent impact.

Perhaps President Trump will finally protect America after he does some House cleaning where transgressions have been existing within the government for some time. In other words,  when thinking on a higher plane:        “Neither do men pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst, the                                         wine will spill, and the wineskins will be ruined. Instead, they pour new wine into                          new wineskins, and both are preserved ”                 Matthew 9:17            

God-fearing people respect “His will be done” and who He chooses to preside over America.  He called on one who is zealous of the laws and tries to live by them; But  this time in history,  He chose  an embryonic spirit who understands how to deal with self-seeking leaders of the swamp. Trump’s zeal for America will help to avoid a muddier quagmire and bring back a government that the people can trust.

It may be noteworthy to look back in time when we witnessed a character somewhat similar to our President and someone who always won his battles. General George Patton served under several presidents, all of whom knew that his rough demeanor and habit of insulting people were offset by his remarkable ability to save America.  Historians now understand that Patton’s egotism was the result of his confidence in his own abilities and  role in history, more than it was pure narcissism.

Today, the voter’s poor gamesmanship in refusing to accept who the people voted for has caused your friends, my friends, and even Professor Turley’s friends and family to feel disappointment in certain aspects of our government.  The real prayers God needs to hear are ones where we will once again experience the reign of  justice through law and order in our administration.  Thanks to our Founding Fathers, we have the wise and judicious Senators to make this happen. They will abide by the laws and bring peace back into our lives.  They will also provide just desserts to those that are bending the rules behind closed doors  and in secret places.

When officers in our government put their desires above the American people’s needs, it makes all of us unhappy.  However, Professor Turley’stestimony explains ways for striving for peace . He tells us that the “Legal definitions and standards are the very things that divide rage from reason. … When one party demonizes the other to justify any measure in their defense, that is the saddest part of all of this.  We have forgotten the common article of faith that binds each of us to each other in our Constitution.”

Professor Turley advised Congress:  “Before we cut down the tree so carefully planted by the Framers,[i]  I hope you consider what you will do when the wind blows again.  …  perhaps for a Democratic President.  What would you do then?”           

                         By Raquel Martin, edited by Lyn Perry and Everett Sellner

[i] Framers:  57 members of the Constitutional Convention .drafted the Constitution of the United States. More specifically it refers to Madison, Hamilton, Jefferson and Franklin, who were the primary authors, especially Madison, who actually wrote the main draft.



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