Hidden Manna

Apocalypse Revealed (Whitehead) n. 120

That this signifies that to those who conquer in temptations will be given the delight of heavenly love from the Divine Human of the Lord is evident from the signification of him that overcometh, as being those who conquer in temptations.

It good but not enough to believe, and it is good but not enough to love alone; these need to be done together, and then especially done in action. Hidden manna is the Lord because we complete the circuit of doing his will when His will is in our will and we act on it. It comes upon us, and we feel it, but we usually don’t know it till after. This why it is hidden manna; in this life we have all kinds of temptation, selfish desires, bad dreams, strange thought, feelings of lust that inundate us in the world. The world wants us to identify with this, evil wants us to think we are the evil it persuades us with, but we are not these. Just as all good comes from God, and it is for us to acknowledge this, evil comes from the devil and we are not the evil and we are not to identify as it but to ward it off. The hidden manna is to do the Lord’s will in this life, in little or big actions, and in doing this we are inherently rejecting and putting off evil. In doing this we gain great ground and know ourself and know the Lord. There is always more work to be done, faithful to the end, but we can rejoice in the hidden manna manifested. 

120. I will give to eat of the hidden manna, signifies wisdom, and at the same time the appropriation of the good of celestial love in works, and thus conjunction of the Lord with those who work. By “the hidden manna,” which they will have who are in good works, and who at the same time adjoin the truths of doctrine to works, is meant hidden wisdom of a quality like that which they have who are in the third heaven. For these, because they were in good works, and at the same time in truths of doctrine in the world, are in wisdom above other angels, but in hidden wisdom, for it is written in their life and not so much on their memory; therefore they are of such a nature that they do not talk of the truths of doctrine, but do them, and they do them because they know them, and also see them when others speak them. That the good of love is appropriated to them, and the Lord conjoins Himself with those who adjoin truths of doctrine to good works, and thus gives them wisdom in their good, and that this is “giving to eat of the hidden manna,” may appear from these words of the Lord:

    The hidden manna is the same as the bread of God described in the Word: ‘The bread of God is He which cometh down from heaven, and giveth life unto the world. I am the bread of life; your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness and are dead. This is the bread which cometh down from heaven, that he who eateth thereof may not die. I am the living bread, that came down from heaven; if anyone eat of this bread he shall live forever (John 6:31-51).

   From which it is evident, that the Lord Himself is “the hidden manna”. In a spiritual way the hidden manna refers fruitful works when we approach Him alone, that is when we do with a heart for Jesus and acknowledge the good comes from Him alone. Whether we call hidden manna “the Lord” or “the good of celestial love,” or “the wisdom of that love,” it is the same. But this matter is a secret which enters with difficulty into the natural idea of anyone, so long as it is veiled over with a cloud from worldly things; but it does enter when the mind is serene and in the sunshine of love to the Lord.

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