How do You Give the Power Back to the People?

From day one Trump has sought to give power back to the people. In his inauguration speech he boldly announced to the world: “Today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another, but from Washington, D.C., and giving it to you, the people.” He has repeated this theme many times in speeches throughout his presidency. How does one give the power back to the people?

I think the first step is to rid the system of corruption. Corruption deep in the government does more than anything to take the voice of the people away. It makes the people feel helpless and like they have no effect. Powerful leaders get away with fraud, murder, cheating; taxpayer money is wastefully used, foundations and charities are fronts to make the powerful wealthy; behind the scenes pay to play deals are made, and those who become aware of the corruption are unjustly prosecuted or dissapear . The corrupt are perpetually putting on a front and manipulate everything to hide what they are doing which means they smother the voice and will of the people. All the branches of the government must work with integrity for the peoples voice to be effective.

Secondly, to make the voice of the people strong leaders must maximize the free market. The free market is the pinnacle of freedom as a political system, and it is where the voice and self agency of people thrive. Under democratic rules and values the free market provides the greatest freedom for everyone. It is not necessarily easy and that is good; it is challenging, rigorous, and therefore most invigorating to the soul. It requires independence, cooperation, ingenuity, hard work, and care for others. It brings out the best skills in people, the best products, the best prices, and the best quality. Some will say it brings out greed, which is inherent in human nature. The laws of the land protect against the corrupt and cheaters, but free speech and the free market can and will be abused. The genius of the free market is that both the good and evil have to win on the free market. Evil can only win by deception. When it is exposed it is repulsive and loses support on the free market. Most people like good costumer service, kindness, honesty and quality and these are what win on the freed market. There are of course all kinds of niche targets on the free market for the all the variety of people, economic levels, cultures, and many other factors.

To give power to the people it is also essential that voter fraud be strictly guarded against.

Finally, it is most important that God be recognized in the guiding principles and vision of the nation. In the constitution America tethered itself to God. The founders knew that an allegiance to God by the leaders and people is essential for the fair play of the free market and democracy to work. ‘In God We Trust’ is the national motto. People re free to worship, or not, under our system. The constitution itself is born from spiritual intelligence from the Word. Because of this America has been and will continue to be a conscience to the World and a light to the world.

This is the great truth the founders knew. The only real freedom man has is to do good, and to do so he must overcome hereditary inclinations to evil, and it is the might and guidance of the Lord that helps us to do so. Democracy, the free market, and the constitution maximize the opportunity for God’s providence to work, and for people to act upon their greatest destiny. We have the freedom to do evil also, but this in reality is spiritual slavery, and it leads to hell.




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