“Jesus answered, ‘You could have no power at all against Me unless it had been given you from above. Therefore the one who delivered Me to you has the greater sin.’”

     Jesus Christ governs both heaven and hell. Satan governs nothing. It is very important to understand that Hell only has power over falsity by the use of falsity; it has to deceive the good to have any control. So in itself evil has no power over good except by deception.

      The Lord is the source of life and of all power and goodness. The life and power of hell is only derivative! Does the moon have any source of light of its own? Hell uses principles of truth and correspondences like magic to influence, deceive and control, but it has no direct power over the good. This is very important to understand because people give hell too much ‘supernatural power’ over themselves that it doesn’t have. Of course this is the trick of evil.

       Human freedom is sacred, otherwise man would have no true sovereign life at all. God is never the cause of evil but he allows evil because of freedom. It is the evil who freely chose to be evil. In hell the Lord governs them by constrictions and punishments, and does not allow the evil to have undue influence over people, that is, the evil cannot compel people to its side. By its deceptions evil is capable of destroying people, but the Lord doesn’t allow this for it would violate freedom.

       In the spiritual world the presence of good can completely suffocate and repel demons, even at a slightest glance from an angel. This is so because the very atmosphere of the spiritual world is a quality of affection. This is hard for people to understand because we are so used to the material world, but in the spiritual world love and wisdom are spiritual substance that compose innumerable qualities of affection. To be in one of the innumerable societies of heaven one must have a kindred quality of love in their soul to that place so they can breath there. So the evil, who are in the opposite love from heaven, have the affection of hate, and cannot even breath in heaven. The spiritual substance of good and evil abhor each other like the same ends of a magnet repel and cannot be put in the same space.

      Jesus Christ is divine love and divine truth itself and there is no greater power in the universe.

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