How It Is that Scripture and Life Show that All Angels Are Former Humans

I don’t believe God is alone. He has all creation. He has all the time in the world to be present to the one as much as the all. He has no needs but one – to be of use, thus he made all creation.

In Hebrews 7:16: “Jesus became a priest, not by meeting the physical requirement of belonging to the tribe of Levi, but by the power of a life that cannot be destroyed.

Only Jesus has the power of ‘a life that cannot be destroyed’. This means that He is the source of life, and only He has intrinsic life. Only He is uncreated from the beginning. All others that exist, including humans and angels are receptacles of Life. As I have said before our soul, and the soul of angles, are receptacles of life and the Lord is the source.
The scripture above also means that it is an immutable fact that what comes from the divine will will come true.
We have often heard the phrase, “There is none good but God’. Most Christians say this, and it is absolutely true. None is to be worshiped but God because He is all good, the source of life. Only He is uncreated from the beginning. All others are, including angels, are tainted with hereditary evil. Only God is worthy to be worshiped
In Revelation John kneels and tries to worship the angel that shows him the Holy City, and the angel tells John, “Stand, Do not do that, you and I are brethren, only God is to be worshiped”. He says this because people and angels are in the same position and relation to God; both are equally in a position of humility to the Lord. There is no ratio between the wisdom of God and that of humans or angels. It is a structural and immutable truth that all good comes from God. Humans have hereditary evil from head to toe, and angels still have hereditary evils but they are ‘dormant’ in the perimeter of their being. The Lord can activate them at anytime for the sake of a lesson. Only the divine human is without any hereditary evil. Jesus entirely removed it from his human body in the Glorification and Resurrection, which was the ultimate birthing.

Everything alive that exists is born by the birth process. It is a universal principle that life arises from the union of the natural and the spiritual. Everything in the natural world and spiritual world come about by process. We see from science that a tree, a chemical reaction, the growth of a child, anything you can think of involves a gradual process. It is the same thing in the spiritual world. All growth, fulfillment and the expression of love is through process. This is a manifestation of God’s (mind bending) universal principle that ‘God follows His own laws of divine order’. Nothing is made by magic out of nothing – there has to be a natural foundation for anything to exist and to have come from. The master example of this that should end all doubt is that God himself was birthed on earth. Are angels greater than God that they should not be birthed? Mary said to the angel, “How will this take place, since I have not had intercourse?” The angel replied, said to her, “The Holy Spirit will descend upon you, and the power of the Highest will cover you; therefore the Holy One that is born from you will be called the Son of God.” This scripture shows that the birth process is a universal process. We’re all made “in His image”; this statement includes all the processes that go with being human – the birthing, consciousness, freedom, becoming, death and regeneration. God is the original human, thus the human form and all its processes are universal processes; only, the Lord is infinite and uncreated; all humans and angels are finite and birthed.
To become angles, which basically means to enter heaven, there is a spiritual birthing. To be ‘born again’ is a process of regenerating our soul. From birth we have hereditary evil from head to toe and we have to overcome it and remove enough to be receptive to heaven. We have to be prepared for heaven by a cleansing. Our ultimate spiritual birthing is to become angels in heaven. That is God’s desire for this from creation.

Because Heaven arises from the human race, and heaven is a dwelling with the Lord to eternity, we can see that the very end purpose of creation is for all born to be in heaven. Everyone must go through the whole process, but not all make it. All angels and demons too are former humans.
Having said this I don’t think there is any harm in Believing God created angels. I have many clients who think this and I see no good in changing it; it is part of their faith. For those motivated to be seekers, I think the above is particular to the truth. There is a literal and an internal sense to the Word. The literal can easily be misconstrued if one doesn’t consider the internal. Above I am speaking of the internal sense. For instance the word ‘midwife’ in the Word doesn’t just refer to a woman that helps with birth but it refers to the universal process by which all things, including angels are born by the birth process between the natural and the physical.

In addition small children who die go to heaven and grow there to become angels. The reason is is that children have not yet formed a conscience that discerns between good and evil, and thereby they all can be taught to receive heaven, and eventually become angels.

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