How It Is that True Marriage Love is the Repository of the Christian Religion

In the post I did before about conjugal love (marriage love) and soul mates Swedenborg said, “Therefore it is provided that conjugal pairs be born and that, under the Lord’s auspices, they be continually educated for their marriage, neither the boy nor the girl knowing it.” This shows that the events and trials that happen in our life (potentially) prepare us for our eventual mate. We don’t see it but God is providentially guiding us. So it is our job to work at keeping the faith to the end in spite of the ups and downs, the trials, and times of loneliness in this life. Some folks are fortunate enough to find it here; Swedenborg says it is rare on earth. Only those that love the divine human, and perceive all good comes from Him are able to have conjugal love. Conjugal love (and all genuine relationships in order to work) must come from the core self that is in relationship, and in humility, toward the Lord. This is where the ‘education’ comes in. If we identify with the external parts of our personality – parts that have developed in our personality to cope with all the traumas and pains of life – then it is very hard to be in genuine, lasting relationship with another. In processing and understanding the trials of our life we can discern the difference between our external and internal self. To be in deep intimacy our internal self must be the ruler of the external parts of our self.

It is also remarkable that he says, “THE CONJUGIAL LOVE OF ONE MAN WITH ONE WIFE IS THE REPOSITORY OF THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION. This truth upholds the value of marriage and the family unit as having sacred purpose. Let us look at why conjugal love is the repository of the Christian religion. It is important to do so because in todays world it is extremely significant to uphold this great perception for it is being eroded. We begin with the awareness that the essence of Christianity is to believe that Jesus is God, that He was God born on earth and that He made his body divine in the resurrection. The heart of this truth is the Glorification process in which Jesus gradually forged perfect union between his human body and His divine soul, thus making His human divine and in the process redeeming all mankind. This is said in preface to the following.

There are two core reasons conjugal love is the repository of the Christian religion. The first reason is that worship of the Lord and conjugal love have the same root cause. The union forged in the glorification process and culminated in the resurrection is the Holy marriage, and the holy marriage in the divine human is the highest of all things and thus the core pattern from which all other things in creation receive life, meaning and form. It is the fountain from which all life springs. He is the source from which proceed all of the gifts in our soul, all of the internal skills we develop, and thus all of the joy in heaven and life. This pattern proceeds from first in the union of love and wisdom (which are the spiritual substance of life); and also in the marriage between the Lord and His church, which in the Bible is called the bride (the church) and the bride groom (the Lord). This fundamental union of love and wisdom is expressed in the form of a man and a woman. A man is a form of wisdom, and a woman is the form of love. Each has both love and wisdom, as in yin and yang, but a man is primarily a form of wisdom and woman a form of love. As love and wisdom serve together in an eternal bond, the spiritual and physical parts of a man and woman are made perfectly to bond in use to each other and to life.

All spirituality is based on the striving for union. Love and spiritual desire are processes that innately seek to form a bond. In worship we form a bond with God that can’t be taken away. We submit to Him, and perceive all good comes from. The only way to approach him and receive from Him is in humility. The conjugal relationship is a striving to bond with one’s beloved, the love of becoming one in our innermost will. As the Bible writes, ‘the two shall become one’, and ‘let no one put asunder what God has put together’. So the root of both worship and conjugal love is the union of love and wisdom.

The use of the marriage of a man and woman serves the highest purpose in life, which leads to the second reason conjugial love is the repository of the Christian religion. The use of marriage love provides for the procreation and the nurturing of the human race. The brith and raising of children is not only for this world but for the providing of all angels in the Lord’s kingdom – where one is birthed into their eternal identity and service. All angels in heaven are former humans. Only the Lord is uncreated from the beginning; and all other living things are created from Him in the birth process. Because conjugal love provides the highest use, it correspondingly is the source of the highest love and joy in humans. Only those who love and acknowledge the Lord as the divine human can have a conjugal pair, because this is what opens the internal of our soul and the gifts of our soul, and allows for profound intimacy with God and ones mate. The Lord provides that there is a conjugal mate for all those who truly desire it. A man and woman who are conjugal pairs have (what Swedenborg calls) ‘similitudes’ in their disposition, talents, and qualities of love in a marvelous way. We call these pairs soul mates.

The Conjugal sphere is the highest of all spheres from the Lord and all other spheres of love and use come from it ‘as sweet waters from the vein of a fountain’. We can see this is true from the way conjugal love is the universal cause of all brith.

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