I believe our state after dying is determined by the quality of love in our soul, especially toward God. And there are three basic practices from our life that effect this, and that are also the basis of Christianity: 1; To acknowledge God in our hearts, 2; To be useful in life and act with care toward our neighbor, and 3; rule one and two must grow together in life and action. Rules one and two are not substantial without the other. The marriage of rule one and two is the heavenly pattern, because this is the union of love and wisdom in our soul. The degree to which we have created concordance between them determines our end state. In scripture this is expressed this way. “As the tree falleth so it layeth”.

The exercise of the two together in everyday life is the expression of spiritual, emotional, and psychological intelligence. Here is an organic way to visualize how rule 1 and 2 are inextricably married in use: the branches and leaves of a tree cannot survive if the tree does not have roots in the ground; and conversely, the roots will not long survive if there are no branches and leaves. The relationship between the branches and the roots corresponds to the relationship between love and wisdom, or, the internal and the external of our self. Another example is the symbiosis of how the heart and lungs work together in the human body to keep us alive. The heart corresponds to love, and the lungs to wisdom.There is no such thing as being neutral to God. If we are not actively accepting Him, then we are busy avoiding him. This is an intense truth we think we can get away from, and we can try for a time, but ultimately we cannot. The Lord said if you are not for me you are against me – there is no in between. Non-acknowledgement (or avoidance) is an action just as much as acknowledgement is an action. These actions are the minute binary of our life, each one gradually accumulating and leading toward heaven or hell. Only God can truly judge that state of this in others, but we can tell to a degree in our own self examination.Being able to acknowledge that all good comes from God, in spite of appearances, is the acid test of spirituality.

Self examination can help to humble and soften our heart so we can receive from God. Humility and innocence are essential to receive God. God can work in us through innocence because this allows the willingness to be led or to submit to good, as opposed to pride. Innocence blooms into maturity when it is combined with intelligence, and becomes wisdom. Innocence is the elixir that opens what is written in our souls from God! Innocence in union with life intelligence births a mature spirituality in our sou. In this process we are a receiver from God and there is fulfillment in that we know we did our part in responding and taking action, and we learned and grew. From all this one can see that the process is reciprocal. Reciprocality is inherent in the process of bonding. This truth is extremely important to embrace for when we do we lose the vanity to think we can do without God. There is fulfillment because when the union takes place there is inherently a bonding with God. When we bond with God we touch a little of His Glory, we feel it and it immediately humbles us further To bond with God….

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