How The Knowledge and Love We have Here for the Lord Effects Our State in the After Life; Or, Why it is Significant to Explore Deep things of God?

This article works as a continuation of the Last article on the Shroud.

Why is it important to explore deep issues about the Lord? There are many reasons, but the most important reason is that the more particular and the deeper a conception we have of the Lord the greater the love we have for Him, and the presence of this love in our heart and minds has huge implications in the light of heaven. To know is to love, and to love is to know. The two together elevate each other to a higher reception and growth. To love the Lord and the Word elevates our ability to perceive its truths. It is little known that the Word protects itself from the profane by having an internal and an external sense. The external is the protector, for if one only engages the Word in the external little harm can be done. The internal is meant only for the sincere, and those who see it is sacred, and will stand by it to the end. Deep desire and love for the Word opens the door to the internal of it. It is also why a responsibility comes with knowing the Word, that is, to be faithful to it to the end of life – for to love it, and then later turn against it is the worst kind of profaning, and causes the worst of all states in the spiritual world. (The reader can see articles on the subject of profanation in this blog.) Some people believe they cannot know about heaven and God; that it is all beyond their reach and a total mystery. That is certainly true in a sense, but with great desire we can reach into it much more than we think. The Word is the way that has been given to us to study and know God in our hearts. In truth there is no writing that exists that is like the Word – for only the Word possesses an internal sense that serves the purpose of conjoining humanity to heaven. The shroud of Turin may be the only thing comparable to the fact the Word has an internal and external sense; the reason being that it is a picture form of the Lord that has an external and internal sense. By giving us information about Himself in image form we gain further knowledge that He existed, that He resurrected, and that He is God.

Now here is the essence of the answer to the question as to why it is important to make these kind of studies: The deeper the conception and love we have for the Lord while here on earth the more wonders and truths will be open to us in heaven. Because we loved him here and looked into the mysteries here seeds are implanted in our mind and soul that can be opened to our perception a hundredfold in heaven. Swedenborg tells that in his journeys to heaven he could only visit realms that he had some knowledge of rooted in his memory. This shows how profoundly connected is the mind to the spirit and heaven! For example he could not go to the spiritual societies of India because he had not been there, and because he did not have knowledge of it. The human form is a little heaven in potential, and since the whole of heaven is in the human form, all things are connected by correspondence between them, including access. The loves and knowledge that in-root in our mind and heart here are like seeds that, in the spiritual light of heaven, bloom into great trees, fruits, and flowers – far beyond what we could now imagine. These seeds are avenues that lead down expansive paths of astounding wonder ever deeper and deeper. Great mysteries are opened that lead to greater and greater mysteries!

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