If We Pull Back the Curtain on the Democrat Impeachment Smoke Screen – We Can See Something Amazing Happening

If we pull back the curtain – of the democrat impeachment smoke screen – we can see something amazing happening.
It’s clear the democrats impeachment effort is a profound backfire. They are scraping for crumbs at the bottom of the barrel. They no longer see the light of day, and here is one of the effects they have not foreseen:
The Republican party has come to together with unprecedented team work. All of the republican leaders on committees are on the same page and showing razor sharp intelligence in exposing the ‘impeachment coup’ for what it is. They articulate their position very well, and they are galvanized in their focus and passion to defend the president. They are each razing their game as individuals, are doing their job for the right reason, and they have come together as a group to win. It has not been this way in the GOP for a long time. As we all know not long ago cronies in the party were fighting Trump tooth and nail. But the cumulative effect of Trump winning, and his wisdom in dealing with peers and adversaries has won them over. In many ways they have had no choice (part of Trump’s ‘winning’ genius), but now they are on board with a will. Stars like Nunes, Jordan, Elisa, and Gates have done an inspiring job destroying the dem arguments, and now many more republicans are rising to their level also. They, I think, are learning from ‘the people’; specifically, the way the people have such love and enthusiasm for Trump. They see that the people love him because Trump fights heart and soul for them with brilliant strategy and amazing focus and energy. Trump outworks and sets the example for them all. He has forced all politicians to raise their game for the people, or, fall by the way side. And the dems, they have virtually gone insane.
At every rally, Trump uplifts the emerging stars and leaders in the Republican party. He has done this over and over and it is having a cumulative snow ball effect to make the quality of politicians in the country, at least among conservatives, higher. He is constantly working to make people around him better, uplifts their talents, and motivates them toward the right cause. He’s a winner through and through, and he is passing that mentality on to all those he works with. You can see he wants true stars to work with, and he wants these true stars to be ready to run the party when he is gone.
From all angles he is working to build a solid foundation for integrity and prosperity to take root in America. As annoying as the impeachment push is, I think in some ways he loves that the democrats are wasting all their time, because they are doing the work of exposing the deep state FOR HIM – while he and the GOP are working smart and hard on the real issues for the people. For instance, Trump and his staff have sworn in more than 150 constitutional judges throughout the country – slowly but surely tipping the balance of power in the judiciary system to the conservatives.

Another reason that Trump is winning the loyalty of the people and the GOP is that he is taking the lion’s share of the heat. He has taken the full fury of the dems, the deep state, (some of the GOP) and the media for three years and has not wavered. He is shown that he and Melania are the real deal to a degree no-one could imagine. It has been amazing and inspiring to everyone watching – to both supporters and enemies. They have not been able to take him down because he does have integrity and he is a fighter, and he loves the people. This has to inspire and change the conservatives working beside him. The deep state is also attacking people who support him (and his family now) and they are following his example fighting with him. Growth, progress and prosperity – Strong winning!
So the dems have dropped the ball, while Trump is running like Gayle Sayers by opponents behind a convoy of great GOP blockers; and sometimes, he is like beast-mode running through them.

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