Insight Into the Nature of Memory in Heaven, and How the Nature of Memory There is an Extraordinary Blessing From God; And What We Can Learn From It”.

      The way the Lord guides our memory in heaven is a huge part of heavenly joy and happiness. It is truly an amazing grace that he gives to his beloved children. Memory there corresponds to wonderful gardens and paradises where there are beautiful plants, flowers, palaces and patios, and magnificent trees. These are places of peace, full of meaning and inner delight.

     Paraphrasing Swedenborg (I add some edits to make it easier to read): Heavenly loves and delights come from love to the Lord and love toward the neighbor. The more one allows themself to be led by the Lord the more they become their own, that is, their true self. The thoughts and affections of a person in heaven are led by the Lord so that the person sees and chooses nothing else in the fields and gardens of their memory but those things which agree with the delights of their loves and with the doctrinal principles of their church. To them the things of the memory are like heavenly paradises, and in the Word they are also represented and signified by paradises. 
     Be it known further that when memory-knowledges, that is, the things of the memory, become of the man’s life, they vanish from the exterior memory, just as the gestures, actions, speech, reflections, intentions, and in general the thoughts and affections of man are wont to do, when by continual use or habit they become as it were spontaneous and natural; but no other things become of man’s life than those which enter into the delights of his loves and form them; thus those which enter into his will. (n. 3220)

     The later paragraph brings to light something very important to ground ourself in. It shows that nothing is done by magic as our external mind tends to think, but life here and in heaven are always a process of becoming, meaning our will, body and soul must be exercised in cooperation with God in order to change. The action we reciprocally take part in is the very source of joy and delight, because in it we are choosing and making a bond between our body and soul, and with God. (Above Swedenborg calls this ‘becomes of the man’s life’.) I believe Swedenborg is also saying the actions we take that become a bond become part of our muscle memory so to speak; they become second nature; they become our own, and so, in continuing to build on this process we come into new levels of bonding, and by this continually increase in joy. This process only takes place when one’s ruling love is expressed in use to the neighbor and to God in some way.

       In the gardens of heaven the further we go into them, among its features and paths, the more beautiful they become. Beauty is the form of love. Correspondingly, the further one goes within their internal self the more space and light there is; this is very clear in heaven. As Swedenborg says in the first part of the quote above the things in our memory that cause distress gradually fall away, not by being unilaterally removed, but because of a process of non attachment, because we move passed them as we are changing and birthing into a new life. The new goals, talents, excitement and skills in our mind and soul cause us to grow beyond the old memories so they are of no effect. Unless a memory is true to our new ruling love it falls away. This is expressed in the Bible verse, “All your tears shall be washed away’. These memories never completely disappear but move to the outside perimeter of our being. In heaven everything that is around us in our environment, items in ones home, everything in the landscape, in nature, in the palaces and places of worship correspond to the ruling loves in our soul. 

     This is an extraordinary blessing, and it is very different than in this world. Heaven is so masterfully and fluidly orchestrated from spiritual principle and divine order that every individual is surrounded by things that affirm their inner loves and joy. But here we are in the mix with evil and we have a material body which makes it hard to let go of distress and conflict. (We are meant to deal with this so that we can choose good over evil of our own will). Here there are constant reminders of suffering and injustice, and the natural body is sticky and gummy when it comes to letting go of attachments. Here our painful memories and traumas are stimulated by difficult situations, people, and authorities in our environment all the time. In heaven life is filled with opportunities to perform uses that use our skills and are fulfilling. Though not as easy, here we can do this also; we need to make it our mission to do so.



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