Integration Psych and Religion

In doing this work we are with people at a very vulnerable time, when a lot of emotions, feelings of loss and the past come up. It can also bring up feelings of joy, fear of conflict and the desire to reconcile.

I would like to share my approach and how I have learned to think of this, which has to to wiht the integration of psychology, spirituality and religion. I think this can be of value because it gives a basic idea of the process of healing, and helps in dealing with varying points of view and feelings about religion. Integrationd or union applies to everything, and is the core of spiritual growth.

For instance there are often lost parts to our self and there is a core part to ourself, and the ability to recover the lost part to the core is important. The other day a pt told me he feels a hole in his heart. what is a hole, its dark, it can be scary, unkown, it can also contain a treasure. the psyche part then is to examine the feelings in inside – what is it about, a broken heart, loss of a loved one, fear of conflict from trauma, many things. The spiritual or religious part is that it is innate that a human being needs to trust. Its hard to go into the fear. The promise from God is that he is closest in our times or trail and fear. We have to do it in freedom but he is with us as a compassionate and comforting Father mother or hero.

In thinking about this in our work there is another important part to consider. When was a chaplain at the rehab center at kasier the the chaplains talked about helping peole wiht greif a lot. The psychologist often said we don;t want people to ‘dissemble’. By that he meant something like we don’t want to stir things up so a person falls apart. There is a a lot of truth to this. In the example of the whole it could mean some people don;t have a hole, they are OK, some people have the hole covered up, and afe comfortable wiht that, and some they are ready to delve into it or circumstance have forced them to. All of it is OK, as people serving others on these front lines so to speak its often good to leave things be, but if a person reaches out we can be a rock for them, give them empathy and understanding.

Whether on believes in God or not it is good to understand how trust in God serves people in a real way. Now we can see that death itself is sort of like this hole, its an unkown, and having someone to trust is exremel important at this time.

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